How a Low-FODMAP Diet Can Help Your Digestion with Julie Matthews – #357

Using a Low-FODMAP Diet to Take your Gut Healing To the Next Level

Julie Matthews is a researcher and author specializing in complex neurological, immune, and digestive disorders. Today she and JJ discuss how a diet low in FODMAPs can help relieve digestive issues. Listen as Julie explains exactly what FODMAPs are and the best way to get started on a low-FODMAP diet while the body heals, as well as how long you should follow a low-FODMAP diet and when to start reintroducing foods. Julie also provides some sample menus to show how simple it is to swap out foods that may be triggering digestive symptoms. Join JJ and Julie for this very informative episode!

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. FODMAPs in an acronym that stands for different fermentable carbohydrates. By following a diet that’s low in FODMAPs for a period of time, digestive symptoms can be improved in many folks.

2. Once someone has followed a low-FODMAP diet for a period of time, the different categories of FODMAPs can be added back in, one at a time. When reintroducing foods, you’ll want to track your symptoms to see how you feel.

3. The intention of a therapeutic diet is not permanent. The foods that can cause a reaction need to stay out of the diet while the body heals.

Episode Play-By-Play

[4:24] Introducing Julie and how she got into FODMAPS with a focus on autism

[5:38] What are FODMAPS and how can you tell if you have an issue with them?

[6:25] Some effects on the digestive system if you eat foods high in these fermentable carbs

[7:08] Examples of foods in each of the FODMAP categories.

[8:23] JJ asks if someone will react to all categories, or just one, or a few?

[9:00] How to determine which of the FODMAP categories you are sensitive to

[11:25] A walk through of a low-FODMAP diet, what you might eat

[12:27] After removing foods, how to start gradually reintroducing foods

[13:57] If you have a small reaction, do you keep eating that food?

[15:00] Can you condition your gut by eating small amounts of food every day?

[16:15]  If you discover a sensitivity, is it forever? Or is it possible to reintroduce after healing for a while?

[16:50] The intention of a therapeutic diet is not permanent, it’s to give the body a break and provide it time to heal.

[18:20] These things may have an effect on the body’s ability to tolerate a type of food.

[19:05] A couple of sample low-FODMAP meals

Action Step: Do the JJ Virgin 7-Day Challenge and after, if you’re still having problems, consider a low FODMAPS diet.

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