Get someone in your corner, helping you reach your goals by encouraging and motivating

Today JJ discusses health coaches, including what they do and don’t do. She also explains how health coaches are the perfect complement to your functional health doctor to help you create a plan to help maximize your healthy lifestyle. Find out why a health coach makes the perfect accountability partner to support and encourage you. Tune in today and get inspired and educated.

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Health coaches support your goals. They help you hold yourself accountable.

2. Health coaches are the perfect complement to your functional health provider. Coaches offer further information and suggestions on ways to support your healthy lifestyle.

3. Community support is huge in helping you achieve goals. When you need help or encouragement, people who are on the same path are there for you.

Episode Play-By-Play

[0:40] Making shifts in our health is made so much easier when we have help.

[3:20] What is a health coach and how can they help you?

[4:30] You might be surprised at the benefit of this aspect of health coaching.

[6:08] Ladies, correlation between weight loss and this factor is something you already know.

[6:30] Health coaches are a great source of support; and you can also look for help here.

[6:45] Here’s what health coaches should be doing for you

[11:25] Here’s what health coaches do not (should not) do

[13:50] How do you know if you need a health coach?


1. Don’t do it alone; coaches offer support in your areas of inexperience or weakness

2. Get into a community that can support you

3. Learn how to be a health detective with your health coach

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