How Much Fiber Should I Be Eating Every Day? with JJ Virgin – #374

The Powerful Benefits of Fiber & How Much You Need

In today’s podcast episode, JJ discusses the many ways fiber improves your health. From digestion to heart health to blood sugar balance, increasing fiber in your diet makes many body systems run better. JJ discusses the amount of fiber we should be eating and provides a list of high-fiber foods so you can increase your daily intake. Listen in to this informative episode and start upping your fiber today!

Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Fiber is instrumental for many different functions of the body. Increasing fiber improves a varied array of body systems.

2. Most of us aren’t getting enough fiber in our diet. The secret is to increase fiber slowly to avoid discomfort.

3. It’s easy to increase the amount of fiber we eat each day. Check out the list of high-fiber foods and begin adding those in every day.

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:00] If fiber were a drug, it would be prescribed by every doctor for help with the following needs

[2:58] Fiber makes a big impact on this weight issue

[3:40] Mechanism of how fiber creates satiety

[5:30] Fiber balances blood sugar by doing this

[7:05] How fiber impacts the gut microbiome

[8:05] Fiber reduces the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes by this method

[9:45] Recommended amounts of fiber intake per day

[11:14] Ways to get to the recommended intake

[11:35] Soluble or insoluble fiber, what’s the difference?

[13:54] What’s resistant starch and what’s the benefit of eating it?

[15:40] How quickly should you increase additional fiber?

[16:35] Fiber rich foods – see below

Action Steps

  1. Incorporate more fiber into your morning smoothie.
  2. Increase water at the same time.

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High Fiber Food List

  1. Beans and lentils (13-16 grams per cup)
  2. Artichokes (10 grams per cup)
  3. Berries (8 grams per cup)
  4. Avocado (7 grams per cup)
  5. Broccoli (5 grams per cup)
  6. Chia seeds (5.5 grams per Tbsp)
  7. Cooked quinoa (5 grams per cup)
  8. Brussels sprouts (4 grams per cup)
  9. Rolled oats (4 grams per cup)
  10. Apples (2.6 grams per cup)

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