How To Change Your Posture So Your Whole Body Feels Better with Aaron Alexander – #375

Correct Alignment and Posture Can Improve Many Physical Issues

Join JJ as she talks with Aaron Alexander, therapist and movement coach, as they discuss the small changes you can make to posture and alignment to improve your body mechanics. Many of us have experienced injury or discomfort, and as a result, our bodies get out of alignment, which only makes things worse. Aaron reviews how to take back control and improve how your body moves and functions. Tune in for this enlightening episode.

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. After injury or discomfort, we tend to change our posture or gait. This can result in our body’s misalignment and increase our pain.

2. Paying attention to our posture and adjusting with small movements can improve how we feel. Getting up and moving more often is also vital.

3. Increasing awareness to the ways our body tenses allows us to change things that cause it. `

Episode Play-By-Play

[5:23] How Aaron became interested in posture and how it affects many different components of life

[6:55] A big challenge for people is how this can change the way you hold your body and move

[8:06] The human body is a complex system. If you change anything, you change everything.

[8:25] Even thoughts can affect the way you hold and move your body.

[8:55] Defining posture and body language

[11:15] Where do you really feel emotion?

[13:00] One of the impacts of looking at things closely (ie, phones, computers)

[14:02] Some of the ways you can unwind

[17:02] What are some of the benefits of making these little shifts?

[21:41] Advantages of doing microbursts of exercise throughout the day vs all at once

[25:08] How much time will it take to incorporate Align exercises into your routine?

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