5 Steps to Eliminating Your Stomach Problems

Do you struggle with gas and bloating and other common functional stomach problems? In this episode, I discuss five steps to resolving your gut issues for good. The good news is, you can turn this around quickly. You’ll ditch the stretch pants and get into your skinny jeans before you know it!

The most important thing you need to do is remove Hi-FI food from your diet, which can contribute to leaky gut. This can launch an immune attack and wreak havoc on your body, which can exacerbate gas and bloating, constipation, pain, fatigue, and more.

In addition to swapping out the foods that are harming you, you want to add gut-healing foods. I talk about eight foods and why science says they benefit your GI system. Lowering your sugar impact is also crucially important. What can you have instead? I provide some of my favorite low-sugar-impact options, so you can still enjoy some sweetness in your life.

Stress has a massive impact on your gut, so another thing you want to do is improve your stress tolerance. I include some of my favorite ways to help regulate your nervous system. Because just like we take our muscles to the gym, we need to tone up our nervous system, too.

Mentioned in this episode:

Watch the FULL VIDEO on my YouTube Channel 

Read my book The Virgin Diet to learn more about food intolerance 

Do my 21-Day Breakthrough Food Intolerance Cleanse 

Study: Flaxseed improves gut health 

I love the wild-caught salmon from Vital Choice 

Study: omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for the gut 

Study: apples improve the balance of gut bacteria

Study: extra virgin olive oil improves gut permeability

Study: Avocados help balance gut bacteria

Study: bone broth is anti-inflammatory and can help the gut

I get bone broth daily from my Paleo-Inspired Protein Powders

I also use my Collagen Peptides Powder for gut health

I recommend taking my Reignite Wellness™ Flora Harmony for probiotics 

My book Sugar Impact Diet can help you lower your sugar impact 

Study: Sugar can increase harmful bacteria

One sugar alternative I love is called Lakanto Monk Fruit

Get more gut-healthy fiber with my Reignite Wellness™ Extra Fiber

For reducing stress, I recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations

For more stress support, try my Take Ten Stress Support with GABA and other nutrients

Watch my video about why a leaky gut may be why you struggle to lose weight 

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ATHE_Transcript_Ep 530_How to Heal Your Gut | Stop Bloating & Digestion Issues!!
JJ Virgin: [00:00:00] Hey, this is JJ Virgin. Thanks so much for joining me. This is Ask the Health Expert. In each episode, I put the Power of Health in your hands and share ways to get healthy, lose weight, heal your gut detox, and lots more. So you can look and feel better fast if you'd rather watch the video. Hey, I did put on my makeup and do my hair, so check it out on my YouTube channel.
I know you've got clothes you've been avoiding cuz of the way you make you feel. Maybe it's a pair of jeans that always seem to pinch you at the waist or that dress that seems to hug your belly after you eat and you feel like you look pregnant. Now if you're like most of us, you've felt this way, way too many times, and I have good news that can quickly turn this around so it's time to put away the stretch pants [00:01:00] and pull out those skinny jeans.
Back of your closet cuz these five things are going to get rid of your belly bloat and gut issues or good. I'm gonna share with you five steps to solving your gut problem. Number one, you gotta remove the high five foods. What is that? These are high food and intolerance foods. If you're stepping on the scale every day, which I highly recommend you do.
You go out to eat, you come back and boom, the next day you're like, what the heck? I'm my weight's up three to four pounds. You know that you didn't gain three to four pounds overnight that overweight night gain, boom. It's not fat gain, it's inflammation. And when you look at that, It's probably due to a food intolerance.
So what the heck is food intolerance? Again, I wrote the book on this. It's called The Virgin Diet, and early on I discovered that a lot of the foods that we're eating, thinking we're eating healthy could actually be hurting us because of something called leaky gut. Leaky gut is when your small intestine becomes more permeable than it should be.
It's semi-permeable because of stress. Because of eating gluten or fructose [00:02:00] because of certain pain medications. And when that happens, coupled with poor digestion, lower stomach acid, not really breaking apart your foods the way you should, food passes out into circulation where no business being and your body goes, holy smokes, what is that?
And launches an immune attack creates, takes little antibodies, grabs a hold of that food that shouldn't be there and makes immune complexes. And if these things build. They wreak havoc. They cause gas, they cause bloating, they cause joint pain, fatigue, skin problems, all sorts of stuff. But really key is that gas and bloating.
But a lot of times we have this low-grade bloating and inflammation scale going up, and it's because of food and intolerance and removing these high-fi foods gives your body a chance, your gut a chance to just go. To exhale, to rest and to heal. If you're going, hi, wonder if I have that? Check out the Virgin Diet, and I also have my 21 day breakthrough program where I guide you through exactly how to do this.
It's super simple. I call it swapping to drop, and you can [00:03:00] make a big difference quickly. And speaking about swapping to drop, one of the things that I have you do there is add gut healing foods, because it's not just about pulling out the foods that could be hurting you, it's about swapping in the foods.
Help you. And one of the foods that I love that can super help you is freshly ground flaxseed meal. It's first of all, a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, the one alpha lytic acid, and it's got great fiber and nutrients. In fact, a 2019 study in the general nutrients showed that flax can support the gut by improving healthy bacteria and.
Unhealthy bacteria. But one of the things I really love about it is that it's mucilaginous and it can help heal the gut lining. Now, another thing I love for healing, the gut is wild caught seafood. It's rich in omega-3 fatty acids. And there was a study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences that found that omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation, which is really important if you've been eating these high-fi food and it's holding onto.
Now you've heard an apple a [00:04:00] day. Turns out that it's really true because apples provide pectin, and pectin is the type of fiber that can help relieve constipation. It's also a great prebiotic. There was a 2016 animal study published in nutrients that found that apple derived pectin can improve the balance of good bacteria.
Can keep dead bacteria from crossing the gastrointestinal barrier to end up in the bloodstream and cause inflammation. That's called endotoxemia and it can suppress the weight gain and fat accumulation. Pretty amazing. All right, next one is extra virgin olive oil. There was a 2022 study that was published in nutrients that found that adding extra virgin olive oil can improve gut permeability and low grade endotoxemia.
So again, I look at extra virgin olive oil. You wanna make sure you're getting really high quality. I use fresh pressed olive oil club and I do one to two tablespoons a day. . Now avocado is another one you're gonna wanna incorporate in this high in fiber and monounsaturated fatty [00:05:00] acids. There was a study in 2021 in the Journal of Nutrition that found that eating avocados can help with improved production of short chain fatty acids, which then produced butyrate, a fatty acid that supports colon health.
And the balance of gut bacteria. So butyrate is a really, really important fatty acid for fat burn burning. It's a short chain fatty acid. It's produced in the large intestine during the microbial fermentation of dietary fiber. It has an appetite suppressing activity. It can burn fat more efficiently and it can promote healthy metabolism.
And because it's fat soluble, it can be stored and used for energy when food is scarce. Also, it can. Thermogenesis. This is the process by how your body produces heat, which is another way that it can help you burn fat. Okay? Another one here that's super important is bone broth. There was a 2021 study that was published in the Journal Medicina that found that bone broth provides anti-inflammatory properties, which [00:06:00] could decrease the symptoms of gut issues.
Now, I get bone broth in every day. I kind of cheat, I'll be honest, but my paleo inspired protein powder. Basically concentrated bone broth and then what you're getting from bone broth. One of the key things is collagen, so I. Extra collagen, my collagen peptides in there as well. It's also a great way for me to make sure I'm getting my protein.
Prebiotic foods are super important here. Onions, artichokes, leaks, asparagus, oats, and apples, bananas, potatoes, and when we're talking here, bananas, I'm talking barely ripe. Slightly green bananas. I'm talking cold boiled potatoes and beans. These are super important because prebiotics basically are the food for your probiotics.
So if you're eating more fermented foods like coconut yogurt, you're taking probiotics like My Flora Harmony from Reignite Wellness. The prebiotics are basically the fertilizer to help really get the good bacteria to take hold. So it's super important. You also wanna make sure. when we're talking about good bacteria that you're lowering your [00:07:00] sugar impact because a high sugar diet can negatively impact your gut microbiome.
There is a 2020 study in nutrients that showed that sugar, and this is like, duh, no big surprise. But sugar can increase harmful bacteria. It can decrease healthy bacteria, it can damage the gut barrier. And by the way, we know that fructose especially leads to leaky gut. It increases inflammation. It decreases mucosal immunity.
It can contribute to metabolic dysregulation, which then can lead to all sorts of metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes and cancer. Okay. So if we're looking at avoiding, especially first, like avoid added sugars, what can you use? Well, there's so many great alternatives now. My favorites, Monkfruit, stevia, erythritol, allulose.
What I've been using in a lot of my recipes lately is something called Lecanto, which is monkfruit and allulose combo. That one's monkfruit and erythritol. And I've been using a lot more allulose in a lot of my products as well. Now the other thing you wanna make sure that you have is fiber. [00:08:00] You gotta have fiber in your meals because fiber is gonna slow the blood sugar response.
To the meal, so that's super important. Other important thing here is you wanna make sure you're taking digestive enzyme if you're experience gas or bloating after eating some constipation or feeling of fullness, even if you just ate a little bit. Digestive enzymes can really help here because poor digestion leads to bloating.
Digestive enzymes can help your body break down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from food. That's what it does. And when you do that, you're also gonna help with nutrient absorption. And remember, you are what you absorb. So you're eating food to get the nutrients, you gotta be able to absorb the nutrients.
If you're low in enzymes and you're putting a bandaid on, you didn't fix anything. You're not helping nutrient absorption. So I really highly recommend a trial of digestive enzyme. You wanna improve your stress tolerance. I mean, stress has a massive. Impact on your gut. So I think that we need to take our nervous system to the gym, just like we take our muscles to the gym.
And how do you work out your nervous system? Well, you [00:09:00] can regulate your nervous system with breath, work with meditation, with tapping, with exercise, especially high-intensity interval training helps your body handle your sympathetic nervous system, handles stress better. So highly recommend, like think about taking your nervous system to the gym.
What will work for you just like you would take your body to the gym. Here's the. Can't get rid of stress, but we can help how we respond to it. So GABA can be super helpful. B3 Niacin because it supports serotonin production, which goes down when we're under stress b6, which also supports serotonin and GABA production.
Remember, GABA is a calming neurotransmitter. Pantothenic acid, which really is the anti-stress vitamin, and really supports the adrenal glands, which are what are pumping out cortisol in response to stress, and then glycine, which is this calming, relaxing amino acid. All right, so there's five steps that are huge for banishing belly bloating, gas.
For good. If you suspect you are dealing with leaky gut syndrome or if you're dealing with weight, that [00:10:00] just won't budge. You're gonna wanna check out this next video on how leaky gut might be the reason you're struggling to keep your weight off.
For more info on this and other health topics I cover, or to rate and review, find me on Instagram, Facebook, and my website, jjvirgin.com/ and don't forget to subscribe to my show so you won't miss a single episode. Go to subscribetojj.com. Thanks again for being with me this week.


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