How to Stay Healthy When You Travel with JJ Virgin – #383

Ways you can protect your sleep, eating and exercise habits while traveling to maintain optimal health

Today, JJ discusses how important it is to establish and maintain control of your sleep environment and eating plan while traveling. Since traveling already compromises your immune system, keeping on track with food, sleep and exercise keeps your body in prime condition to fight off travel-related issues. Listen to this super informative podcast episode today, and again, right before you travel!

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Travel is hard on the immune system. Protect your health by following these tips.

2. Protect your sleep. Make sure you’re sticking as close as possible to your healthy eating plan.

3. Exercise every day. If you’re close to a gym, awesome! If not, find another way to get your blood pumping.

Episode Play-By-Play

[2:00] The first travel hack centers around getting a good night’s sleep.

[3:40] The second hack for getting a good night’s sleep is to block it out.

[5:00] Distract yourself with this app

[6:00] What you can do about time changes

[7:34] Keep clothespins handy to combat this issue

[8:30] Lights from electronics can be distracting – try this to keep them under control.

[9:00] Don’t forget to do this to help with sleep and productivity; keep an eye out for this when you’re selecting your hotel.

[10:45] Chill out with this to make your trip easier and healthier

[12:20] Drink a lot of this when you’re traveling.

[13:00] Bring this mineral to help keep things moving

[13:35] Travel with these foods and supplements

[14:10] Check these ideas out before you plan to eat out

[17:50] Carry these with you in case you get hungry and don’t have access to good quality food

[18:50] When traveling, you want to be more careful about the foods you’re eating for this reason

Action Steps:

1. What if you could actually be healthier when you travel or when you eat out?

2. Use travel and eating out as a way to experiment with new, healthier foods.

3. Check out if there are any classes you can try out.

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