Why Your Body is Too Clever for Diets to Work Forever

Today, Karen Martel, nutrition coach, women’s weight loss expert, and host of the podcast, The Other Side of Weight Loss, joins JJ to discuss weight loss plateaus and what you can do to bust through them! Listen to find out some of the contributing factors to leveling out your weight loss, the repercussions of long-term weight loss plans, and how you can help your metabolism get back on track. Join Karen and JJ for this super interesting and informative podcast episode now!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Long-term diets can lose their effectiveness after a certain point. Your body outsmarts lower calorie intake by slowing down your metabolism.

2. Decreasing your calorie intake can harm your body. You need to vary your diet to outwit your metabolism.

3. Giving up your current diet plan may result in a few added pounds. In the long run, though, having a healthy body will shift your metabolism back into gear.

Episode Play-By-Play

[2:40] Why Karen got into weight loss and diet variation

[8:10] You have to figure out your ideal normal. A lot of people have no idea what feeling good feels like.

[12:30] Karen’s findings of women on keto diets

[14:25] Why do we stall on weight loss?

[14:30] Defining what qualifies as ‘low carb’

[16:30] What are the repercussions of long-term, low-carb or keto diets, and weight loss?

[17:30] Fasting is great, but when it’s overdone, it can cause this issue

[18:15] Discussion of the Carnivore Diet

[19:40] What to do if you’ve slowed down your metabolism and plateaued

[21:00] Sometimes in an effort to get your body back to a healthy state, this may happen

[23:00] How to reincorporate carbs if you’ve been low-carb for a long time

[23:40] Another suggestion is cycling, and for women who already have a natural cycle, it’s getting used to responding to what your body is telling you it wants

[26:00] Determining your cycle can also be affected by any issues you may already be working with

Top Takeaways

1. Really dig into what “feeling good” and your “normal” feels like (ex. sleep, bowel movements, mood, etc.)

2. Take Karen’s quiz

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