Improving Your Intuition to Develop Healthier Habits with Razi Berry – #354

Reconnect with Your Body to Positively Impact Your Health

Razi Berry, expert in naturopathic medicine, joins JJ today, discussing how being disconnected from ourselves and others has impacted our ability to hear what our bodies are telling us. Because we don’t have that communication, we make choices based on outside influences for when and how much to eat.  Doing a few key exercises and eating foods that feed the emotional centers in our brains can improve body intuition, thereby improving our health. Listen to this wonderfully enlightening episode now!

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Being disconnected from our bodies has impacted our ability to self-regulate. Disconnecting is the basis for many eating disorders.

2. Improving our intuition can help us get healthier. Lack of listening affects our ability to know when and how much we should eat.

3. Doing a few exercises each day can help you reconnect with your body. You’ll improve your ability to hear the signals your body is giving you to make better choices.

Episode Play-By-Play

[5:30] How Razi got to the point she is at now

[8:00] Naturopathic medicine operates on the idea that your body heals itself when you supply it with this.

[8:50] Eating disorders result from a disconnection from your body.

[9:44] Why are people so disconnected from their bodies that they don’t associate what they’re doing with putting their body in harm?

[11:55] When we don’t use our senses, they atrophy, including our ability to recognize the inner voice of our own bodies.

[14:05] Instead of listening to our own bodies, we let outside influences, like time and Google dictate what time to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat.

[16:00] A definition of chemosense; our sense of smell isn’t only in our nose.

[17:10] How can we reconnect, strengthen that intuition?

[17:51] A few exercises to increase our sensitivity and our sensibility

[19:01] What you do with your body translates to this system

[20:15] Doing these few exercises helps increase your interoceptive accuracy.

[21:00] Certain foods have similar effects on our brains.

[24:28] We need to get back to trusting ourselves.

[25:50] Why Razi called her podcast Love is Medicine

[27:20] Women are caretakers, we need to remember that we are the first person we should be taking care of.

Action Step: Connect back into your body and truly listen. For example, only eat when you’re truly hungry, not because you were triggered by a suggestion or because of the time on the clock.  And, think of ways you can connect more to others in your life.

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