Is Your Brain Inflamed? with Bridgit Danner – #317

Symptoms of Brain Inflammation & How to Take Back Your Health

Acupuncturist and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner Bridgit Danner joins JJ in today's podcast episode to raise awareness about the important topic of brain inflammation! Listen as Bridgit shares the causes of brain inflammation and ways to test for it, as well as how an inflamed brain can trigger symptoms like brain fog, hormonal issues, trouble sleeping, and mood swings. Bridgit also explains the role of glial cells in your brain, and how damaged glial cells can cause your brain to become more sensitive to future insults. Plus, tune in to find out Bridgit’s top diet, exercise, and supplement tips to help you heal your brain and take back your health!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Only about 10% of the brain is composed of neurons, while the other 90% is made up of glial cells. When glial cells are altered due to trauma, they can react sooner to minor stimuli than they do in a person with a healthy brain.

2. When your brain is inflamed, many systems in your body can be affected. Neuroinflammation can trigger symptoms like brain fog, hormonal issues, trouble sleeping, constipation, mood swings, and more.

3. Dietary shifts that can help include removing sugar and processed foods, alcohol, dairy, and gluten. Next steps include moving on to an Autoimmune Paleo diet, ketogenic diet, and/or incorporating intermittent fasting into your routine.

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:11] Introduction to today’s episode

[2:05] Brigit Danner’s career briefing

[3:49] Listener shout-out

[5:04] Want a better quality of sleep while also calming your brain? Try JJ Virgin’s Sleep Candy!

[6:10] How Brigit became interested in brain inflammation

[7:30] Is it possible to test for brain inflammation?

[8:05] What are glial cells?

[8:38] When glial cells are altered due to stress, they can react sooner to stimuli than they do in a person with a healthy brain.

[10:50] How to figure out if neuroinflammation is an issue for you

[12:58] What is leaky brain?

[14:06] The effects of alcohol on a leaky brain

[14:43] Symptoms of a leaky brain, and body systems that can be affected

[16:30] What is glial priming?

[17:48] The difference between an inflamed brain and glial priming

[19:24] Can you heal a leaky brain?

[22:00] Some people with an inflamed brain may be more sensitive to certain supplements.

[22:55] How exercise can be helpful

[23:55] Finding the right balance, when it comes to exercise

[25:39] Bridgit’s top dietary recommendations

[26:57] The benefits of fiber

[27:19] Why you need to increase your fiber intake gradually

[29:29] How to get Bridgit’s free eBook, Is Your Brain Inflamed?

[30:15] Supplements that can help with brain inflammation

[30:42] JJ’s top takeaways from today’s episode

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