Dr. Jennifer Stagg explains how the answers to your questions about weight loss, exercise, diet, and even about past generation trauma, are contained in your DNA information. Genetic tests can give you the reasons why your efforts have not been giving the expected results. Your perfect diet and exercise plan can be outlined specifically while knowing your genes. Dr. Stagg shares with the audience very valuable tips to apply right away, and breaks down into common language the essence of Genetics and Epigenetics. This podcast has the information you were looking for; stop the trial and error, science is on your side!


Key Takeaways:
[1:20] Dr. Jennifer Stagg’s career briefing.
[1:55] Tests and the genetics behind weight loss. Your genes can be making you fat.
[2:48] Genetic testing can tell you a lot about why your diet hasn’t been working.
[3.55] How genetic testing works.
[4:28] Genetic results gives a genetic matching diet that dictates the macros you should be consuming on a daily basis.
[5:33] Genetic tests give women relief by knowing what has been influencing their weight fluctuations.
[6:17] Genetic test also indicates what kind of exercise you need to be doing.
[7.30] What is Epigenetics? Genetics is learning how your DNA is telling what you should be doing, while the Epigenetics tells us how we are interacting with our environment and affecting our genes.
[8:55] Unzip Your Genes, Jennifer Stagg´s book.
[9:33] What are the key things you must be doing? Incorporate super foods and watch your way to handle stress.
[11:25] Tips to handle stress: Good sleep habits, before sleep pick three times in your day when you felt the best, this sets your mindset positively.
[13:40] How traumas can affect future generations? Cortisol levels can impact offspring.
[14:30] Generations after trauma has been proved to affect at a DNA level.
[16:08] Appreciation of what is going well in your life, is the mindset that will describe the shape of your life.
[18:47] Lose fat fast and keep it off forever!
[19:46] Listeners’ questions: How do you start changing your health?

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