How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally with JJ Virgin – #161

Feeling achy, moody, or depressed? Not recovering from your workout as fast as you used to? JJ dives deep into the subject of hormone imbalance – especially the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone & testosterone. Learn how to read the signs of both low and high imbalances. The importance of checking your thyroid and adrenals, watching your diet,  insulin considerations, improving the quality of your sleep, and handling stress. There are smart, natural choices to help keep your hormones cycling in the best possible ways!

Key takeaways:
[1:22] For women: How to know that your Estrogen is low?
[2:12] For men: How do you know if your Testosterone is low?
[3:05] High estrogen has risks, too! Here are some warning signs.
[3:58] Look for these symptoms indicating low progesterone.
[4:40] High progesterone symptoms include being tired and sleepy.
[5:59] The low sex drive & difficulty building muscle with low testosterone can also bring on depression symptoms, so correcting that imbalance has more benefits than you might think.
[7:20] Thyroid is critical with hormone balance.
[9:00] What are the signs that your adrenals are working well?
[10:35] Your blood sugar balance is vital! Here’s how you can learn how many and what kind of carbs you can handle.
[10:25] Taking Vitamin D with K helps with insulin sensitivity; fish oil is also a terrific option.
[12:20] Are you digesting your protein well? Here are the enzymes you can take to help out.
[13:30] Good sleep is critical – if you’re having trouble, Sleep Candy is here to help.
[15:40] How do you handle stress? “The Miracle Mindset” has some great tools, including burst training, tapping, and more.
[17:11] What best supports you when detoxing?
[18:48] What herbs can help in getting your hormones balanced?
[20:47] Listener question: How long do I need to take hormones if I eat healthy? Keeping estrogen at healthy levels, eating well, using supplements correctly, and then use the lowest dose possible. Don’t overdo it!
[22:58] Gratitude exercise — writing down 3 things that you are grateful for every morning helps set your day in an unbelievably positive direction. Your mindset really can be your greatest ally.

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