Is coconut oil your friend or is it a foe? What about corn and canola oil? In this episode, JJ Virgin takes an in-depth look at dietary fats, debunking the claims made by the American Heart Association about coconut oil and telling you which oils you should choose to fight disease, lose weight, and have great energy. Achieve better health both inside and out by making a shift in the oils you’re using today!

Key takeaways:
[1:28] Make an oil change to reduce inflammation.
[2:35] American Heart Association claims that saturated fats like coconut oil cause cardiovascular disease.
[3:15] The fats in coconut oil can actually help prevent risk factors for cardiovascular disease and stroke, increase your metabolism and make you feel less hungry.
[4:34] Coconut oil can help reduce overall cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
[4:54] American Heart Association claims that coconut oil has no known health benefits.
[5:21] Coconut oil is a proven antibacterial and antifungal that can also help fight disease and aging. It helps speed up wound healing and makes your hair thicker and fuller.
[6:18] Vegetable oils should not be a part of your diet – they are high in omega-6 fatty acids, pro-inflammatory, and easily oxidize.
[6:40] Oxidized fats have been linked to numerous health issues.
[8:03] Always choose organic, unrefined, cold-pressed or expeller-pressed oils in dark bottles.
[8:38] Extra-virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil is one of the best choices
[9:34] Extra-virgin, cold-pressed organic olive oil benefits and uses
[10:22] Avocado oil benefits and uses
[12:45] Grass-fed ghee benefits and ways to cook with it
[13:10] Virgin, unrefined red palm oil is the most popular oil in the world with many benefits, but you need to be sure it comes from a sustainable source.
[14:10] JJ likes macadamia nut oil and walnut oil in salad dressings.
[15:16] Sesame oil is high in omega-6 fatty acids, but it has a great flavor in Asian recipes.
[15:43] Canola oil should be avoided – it’s a highly refined and processed oil that can easily become rancid.
[18:50] Lose more weight and keep it off by starting your day with a healthy shake.
[19:02] Listener’s question: How do you improve hair health?
[20:41] Hypothyroidism, estrogen imbalance, and low iron levels can all affect your hair.

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