JJ Virgin explains some of the main reasons why we age faster and gives simple no-nonsense actions you can take right away to start reversing the effects of time. She’ll show you how to rev up the de-aging effects of limiting sugars, managing your response to stress, burst-style exercise, and high-quality sleep. You really can not only halt but actually reverse some of your signs of aging!

Key takeaways:
[1:52] The most important thing to de-age is to limit your intake of sugar.
[3:10] Is fructose the most dangerous sugar of all?
[4:10] How sugars and the glycation process promote aging of your skin.
[5:30] Stress effects on telomeres. Shortened telomeres are an important aging factor.
[8:10] What can you do to manage your stress response? Burst-style training, meditation & tapping are all great, proactive techniques for stress control.
[10:44] Further thoughts on HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training or Burst Training) as the best option for getting in shape, managing your hormone response, and helping your sympathetic nervous system.
[12:30] Getting your whole body and especially your legs involved when you exercise.
[12:54] The de-aging benefits of sleeping well. Quality sleep is another way to strengthen your growth hormone response.
[13:46] Basic steps to prepare yourself before going to sleep and using the ‘Power Down Hour.’
[14:40] What’s the difference between ‘Health Span’ and ‘Life Span’? Bonus tips for extending your Health Span.
[17:13] Are you digesting protein well? Take the enzymes you need!
[19:04] Weight training tips to add to your routine and help your body burn fat better

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