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Why should you choose burst training over endurance training? JJ breaks down the difference between the two and gives her best burst training tips (and science behind them). Burst training is not only easier and less time consuming, but is the better way to train your body to build sexy, lean muscle and burn more fat. You can do it anywhere and see results in the mirror fast. Message us on Facebook for a free worksheet to keep track of your progress and try it out today!

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Key takeaways:
[1:09] Moving more is part of the equation, but does not count as exercise.
[1:45] Focusing on intensity over duration is beneficial in some important ways.
[2:03] Get today’s worksheet via Facebook Messenger on – just open  Burst411.
[2:20] Two tricks to get you moving more: 1) A tracking device. How much are you moving? Ideally you should be moving an hour a day. (That’s about 6,000 steps.) And 2) Get a dog! Nothing will make you move more!
[3:40] Endurance training can make you age faster, lose muscle and makes you hungrier.
[4:57] High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – or burst training –  has some huge benefits.
[6:18] You can do it anywhere! JJ uses the X-iser, a small burst training machine. You can also use stairs, jumping jacks, burpees – anything with big, full body movements.
[7:38] The key is, when it gets easier, you just do it harder! That way you keep reaping all the benefits of the short duration training.
[8:35] Adding resistance training to your routine for additional benefits.
[10:12] Teaching your body how to burn sugar during exercise and  burn fat after.
[11:45]  JJ divides the body into 4 different parts. Exercise each part 2 or 3 times a week with a day of recovery in between. Exercises concentrate on: Upper Body Pushing & Pulling; Hips & Thighs; and Power Core.
[13:04] JJ’s Fast Fitness Program is a great, inexpensive way to manage your workouts.
[14:05] Recovery is extremely important!
[14:45] See a physical therapist first if you have any orthopedic assistance.
[15:30] What to eat & drink: water every 15 minutes, then smart proteins and carbs after working out.
[16:36] Using Leaky Gut Support to help prevent gas and bloating!
[17:26] Listeners questions: Can I do burst training if I have adrenal exhaustion? Yes!
[18:05] Healing your adrenals by teaching your body to burst and recover.

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