In this show, JJ Virgin explores the debilitating effects of stress and how you can stop it from damaging your health. This podcast covers a wide array of stress-related topics like blood sugar, serotonin, adrenal and thyroid hormones, cortisol, leaky gut and much more! She’ll also give you some simple, practical tools you can use to get fast results for lowering your stress and improve both mental and physical health. Sometimes we can’t change how difficult life can get, but we can use these techniques to change our perspective and give our immune systems a helping hand. You really can start handling your stress better today.

Key takeaways:
[1:20] You already know why stress is so bad: it can make you fat, old, and lose your sex drive.
[2:32] You could be doing everything else right, but if you are not handling stress right, it will take you down.
[2:55] Why do we crave sweets when we are stressed? Low serotonin levels are the culprit. Feeling anxious and irritable are surefire signs.
[3:34] With stress, your blood sugar level can elevate even if your diet is good.
[4:25] What happens when serotonin is not working well? You won’t get a proper sleep and the cycle just keeps repeating itself. Try JJ’s Sleep Candy if you’re having difficulty getting to sleep at night.
[5:41] The relationship between food intolerance and leaky gut, adrenal gland issues and cortisol.
[7:25] Sea salt is nourishing to your adrenals.
[9:06] Your immune system is affected by your stress level.
[9:50] Get great tips to manage your stress by reading “Miracle Mindset.”
[10:12] Stress influences thyroid function, adrenal function AND your sex hormones.
[12:02] What to do about it! A lot of stress is your perception of stress.
[14:00] Gratitude: Start your day by keeping a Gratitude Journal – each morning write down 3 things you are grateful for. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make throughout the day.
[14:25] When there is something stressful happening, practice appreciation – message someone you appreciate in your life and let them know what they mean to you! It will shift your outlook immediately.
[15:10] At night, reflect on what went well. Make sure you take time to appreciate the wins in your life, large or small!
[16:50] Burst training is phenomenal to teach your sympathetic system how to handle stress better.
[17:35] Tapping is a great tool to deal with stress.
[18:43] Pick one of JJ’s diets, either The Sugar Impact Diet or The Virgin Diet – get started with either of them to achieve blood sugar balance.
[20:27] Nutrients that can help with stress: Vitamin C is the most important; B vitamins (B6, B5 & B2); extra DHA from fish oil; licorice; and tyrosine. Stress Reset is optimized with these to give you an easy, convenient way to get them.
[24:09] Breakfast sets the pace for the entire day; grabbing a protein shake for breakfast while practicing your Gratitude Journal is a great start!
[25:09] Listeners’ question: Where to start with your health? Find your purpose! And start with the food you are consuming.

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