What is a ketogenic diet and how many carbs are right for you?

If you’re confused about carbs and ketogenic diets, you’re not alone! In this podcast, JJ Virgin answers all your questions about carbohydrates, including how to calculate how many carbs you should be eating, the benefits and risks of a low-carb ketogenic diet, and how to tell if a ketogenic diet is safe for you. Tune in to get answers to all your burning questions about carbs and begin your personal health discovery process to figure out the right amount for you!

Key takeaways:
[1:01] What are carbs? All carbohydrates, except for fiber, turn to sugar.
[1:23] What is a ketogenic diet?
[2:06] When you’re in ketosis, you get energy from the metabolism of ketone bodies instead of sugar.
[2:26] A ketogenic diet is high in fat, moderate in protein, and very low in carbs.
[3:22] Ketogenic diets can help with brain recovery, seizures, weight loss, cancer, and more.
[3:48] Side effects of ketosis include bad breath and irregular periods. A ketogenic diet is not recommended if you have adrenal, thyroid, or GI issues.
[5:50] There are 4 factors to consider when looking at the impact of foods on your body.
[7:05] Don’t go “cold turkey” when making diet changes. Sugar Impact Diet helps you taper off high-sugar impact foods and transition to low-sugar impact foods.
[9:25] Sugar Impact Diet helps you figure out how many carbs are right for you.
[10:33] Sugar Impact Diet can help you ease into a ketogenic diet.
[11:08] Join the JJ VIrgin community for fast and lasting fat loss.
[11:46] Listener’s question: Can I do a ketogenic diet with hypothyroidism? What about fibromyalgia? Ketogenic diets should be avoided with either of those conditions.

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