Everything You Need to Know About Leaky Gut & How to Repair It

If you’re struggling with uncomfortable symptoms like gas, bloating, joint pain, fatigue, headaches, or skin issues, leaky gut could be to blame! Tune in to today’s podcast episode as JJ talks all about leaky gut, including what it is, how it’s triggered, and the symptoms that can result. JJ also explains what you can do to feel better again, including foods to avoid and gut-healing foods to incorporate into your diet, as well as the supplement and lifestyle shifts that can go a long way toward improving gut health. Find out the simple action steps you can put into place today to start repairing your gut!

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Tight junctions in your gut keep food and gut contents where they should be. With leaky gut, tight junctions begin to weaken and allow particles of partly digested food, waste, and toxins to escape into your bloodstream.

2. Leaky gut can trigger symptoms like gas and bloating, joint pain, fatigue, headaches and skin problems. Leaky gut has also been shown to be a big trigger for autoimmune disease.

3. To heal your gut, start by dropping the foods most likely to cause food intolerance and swapping them for healthy, tasty options. JJ also shares the top supplements that can help, which you can take individually or in one convenient dose of JJ Virgin Leaky Gut Support.

Episode Play-By-Play

[0:32] Busting the myth that leaky gut isn’t real

[1:16] Listener shout-out

[2:38] The science behind leaky gut

[3:11] What is leaky gut?

[4:35] A common example of how leaky gut can occur

[5:55] Symptoms of leaky gut

[6:13] The link between leaky gut and autoimmune disease

[6:36] What is zonulin and how is it related to leaky gut?

[7:26] Why JJ recommends dropping gluten

[8:36] How stress can contribute to leaky gut

[8:55] Other leaky gut triggers

[10:02] How to tell if you have leaky gut

[11:00] Testing for leaky gut

[11:52] JJ’s experience with food sensitivity testing

[13:19] How JJ started swapping the foods most likely to cause food intolerance

[14:47] Step 1: Start with The Virgin Diet

[15:22] JJ’s top gut-healing foods

[16:45] Supplements that can help with leaky gut: l-glutamine

[18:11] How N-acetyl glucosamine can be helpful

[18:32] The benefits of DGL(deglycyrrhizinated licorice) in healing your gut

[18:57] Slippery Elm creates a soothing barrier that can promote healing.

[19:29] Quercetin has been shown to help seal the tight junctions in the gut.

[20:53] The incredible impact that healing your gut can have on your symptoms

[22:20] Next steps for healing your gut

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