How to Look Ten Years Younger with Dr. Anthony Youn – #189

Simple Steps to Fight Aging Without Surgery

In today’s episode, holistic plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn shares how to reverse the signs of aging and look ten years younger without resorting to surgery or other invasive procedures. Listen to learn about the wrinkle-fighting foods you should be including in your diet, which skincare products really work, plus how to build a simple and affordable skincare regimen that delivers dramatic results. Don’t miss Dr. Youn’s top tips and secrets to start looking and feeling younger today! 


Key takeaways:
[0:32] Dr. Anthony Youn’s career briefing
[2:10] How did Dr. Youn become interested in holistic plastic surgery?
[4:31] If you want to slow the aging process, start with food.
[5:22] What are the most aging foods?
[6:58] The skincare products that really work.
[7:40] How to build a simple and affordable skin care regimen.
[10:26] Which skincare products should be avoided?
[11:26] What else can you do at home to keep your skin looking young?
[12:40] How to get rid of stubborn fat without diet, exercise, or surgery.
[18:30] The 3-D facelift has been taken to the extreme.
[20:33] Get Dr. Youn’s free eBook: What to Eat to Look Younger
[22:14] Start your day off with the right breakfast — choose JJ’s All-In-One Paleo-Inspired Shake!
[23:04] Listener’s question: What does JJ do for her skin?

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