How to Love Your Body and Reclaim Passion in Your Relationship with Susan Bratton – #186

Overcoming Body Shame and Connecting with Your Soulmate

In today’s podcast, relationship expert Susan Bratton shares how she saved her marriage by overcoming body shame, reconnecting with herself, and learning to love her own body. Most of us are very hard on ourselves, and that self-criticism not only leads to a negative body image, it also impacts our relationships during times of intimacy. Susan and JJ will give you tips to start practicing self-kindness so that you can overcome body shame and reclaim passion with your sexual soulmate. Listen to find out how you can enjoy yourself and your sex life more than ever!


Key Takeaways:
[:44] Susan Bratton’s career briefing
[2:24] How did Susan become a trusted sex adviser?
[4:40] Why are women so hard on themselves?
[5:28] Cultural and childhood experiences can contribute to body shame.
[7:00] You can learn to mitigate self-criticism and body shame.
[9:46] Self-criticism is a predictor of loneliness and is directly related to depression.
[10:05] Practice self-kindness to heal yourself.
[12:02] Program yourself to look for what you love about you.
[13:12] Negative body image hacks to reframe your way of thinking
[14:53] Adore yourself and allow yourself to be adored.
[16:35] Gynoid fat is the fat of desire.
[18:24] Body love game: tell me three things that you love about me.
[21:15] Susan tells JJ three things she loves about her body.
[23:38] What turns your mate into your sexual soulmate? Get a free excerpt from Susan’s bestselling book, Sexual Soulmates: The 6 Essentials for Connected Sex.
[24:50] You won’t know what your body wants until you ask it.
[25:43] Tell your partner what you need and give them feedback.
[28:29] Start your day off right with JJ’s All-In-One Paleo-Inspired Protein Shake.
[29:17] Listener’s question: I am so bloated all the time! What can I do?
[30:34] Grab Susan’s freemium to stop beating yourself up over your bloat! Figure out why you’re bloated by going through The Virgin Diet to check for food intolerances, trying a round of protein digestive enzymes, and lowering your sugar-impact with Sugar Impact Diet to ensure you’re not feeding the bad bacteria in your gut.

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