Mindset Hacks to Transform Your Body and Your Life with Susan Hyatt – #275

Strategies to Boost Weight Loss & Become the Best Version of You

Susan Hyatt is a master certified life coach, author, and weight loss expert. After losing 35 pounds herself and going from couch potato to fitness lover, she became inspired to help other women transform their bodies and achieve their dreams and goals. Listen as Susan shares why loving your body is key to weight loss success and how her BARE method can help you make lasting lifestyle changes. Susan also explains how your wardrobe can affect your weight and why she empowers women to advocate for themselves and “make a scene.” Plus, Susan reveals the secret to sustainable exercise, as well as the amazing freebie she's giving away that's valued at $500!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

Get a free seat at Susan Hyatt’s Let’s Get Bare online class, as well as a downloadable workbook by going to jjvirgin.com/bare.

Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Susan's passion is to help women love the skin that they're in, while also learning how to take exceptional care of themselves. That's why she developed the BARE process.

2. Can your wardrobe really affect your weight? Susan answers this question and explains why you should only keep the clothing that sparks joy.

3. Susan teaches women how to advocate for themselves and others. For many of her clients, when they feel empowered to make a scene, that late-night chocolate cake seems much less enticing.

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:25] Susan Hyatt´s career briefing

[2:36] Listener shout-out

[3:45] How Susan became a life coach and weight loss expert   

[5:04] Susan’s shocking discovery about dieting and weight loss

[5:58] Unlocking the secret to sustainable exercise

[8:19] Moving beyond exercising for results

[11:02] Find what you love.

[11:48] Can your wardrobe really affect your weight?

[14:50] Keep the clothes that spark joy.

[16:22] Teaching women how to make a scene

[19:14] In which areas of your life do you need to be more vocal?

[20:33] The little things can make a big impact.

[21:59] One of Susan’s favorite guiding questions: What feels like love?

[22:58] Get Susan’s amazing free gift.

[23:54] Your breakfast sets the pace for your entire day. That’s why JJ created All-In-One Shakes to start your day out right!

[24:35] Listener’s question: I know I should exercise, but I just don’t want to. How do I get myself to do it?

[25:05] Figure out your “big why.”

[25: 54] Put strategies in place to make it happen.

[27:13] Monitor your progress – what you measure you can improve.

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