Morning Routine to Get Your Metabolism Boost with JJ Virgin – #321

JJ gives all the take-into-fast-action tips to start every morning the right way, creating a fast metabolism that is trained to burn fat! Starting with your mindset, following with your food choices and exercise. Age is not an excuse, you can get the results you were looking for to feel and look better!

Key takeaways:
[:55] What are you doing every day that is helping to keep fat instead of burning it?
[2:32] First thing in the morning is to write down three things you are grateful for.
[3:08] Benefits of having bulletproof coffee in the morning. Just watch your portion.
[4:45] MCT oil from coconut oil is the fat that helps you boost your metabolism.
[6:30] Snacking every couple of hours keep your blood sugar and insulin up all day.
[7:23] Drinking lots of water help you boost your metabolism. Most of the times when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty.
[8:24] Work out in the mornings, burst training is the best.
[9:10] Walking is not a workout, it is what we should be doing every day.
[10:12] The sugar impact diet was created for you to figure out how many carbs work for you. Best time to eat carbs is after a workout.
[11:15] Eating as close to nature as possible.
[11:47] In the morning, start with protein, fat, and fiber.
[14:03] Working out in the morning can actually take a few minutes.
[14:38] Start the day with a JJVirgin paleo-inspired protein shake.
[15:48] How should you start? Start to track your water intake.

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