How to Boosting Your Metabolism Can Affect Your Blood Sugar

JJ talks with Dr. Brian Mowll to separate fact from fiction when it comes to slow metabolism, as he reveals how insulin and glucose levels influence your metabolic rate. Although there are certain factors that can impact your metabolism, no one is doomed to have a slow one forever! There are steps you can take to speed up your metabolism and resensitize your cells to insulin so that you can start burning fat for fuel and feeling great. Learn everything you need to know to begin your plan of action today!

Key takeaways:
[:40] Dr. Brian Mowll’s career briefing
[2:07] Dr. Mowll started working with blood sugar and metabolism because of his own struggles with weight and blood sugar.
[3:45] There are certain factors that can slow down your metabolism, like aging and hypothyroidism, but we have the power to influence our bodies to have a faster and better metabolism.
[4:46] If you feel like you don’t burn energy well, there are ways to speed that up.
[5:25] Certain people are more prone to storing fat.
[7:02] Resistance training and high-intensity interval training build up your body’s ability to burn fuel at a higher rate.
[9:50] We burn sugar and fat for fuel, and we need to be able to get those into our cells to convert them into energy. When you have high blood sugar, glucose isn’t able to enter the cells and get utilized effectively.
[10: 45] When you notice your blood sugar is starting to rise and you’re storing more fat around your waist, it’s important to measure your insulin levels.
[11:35] When you have too much insulin, it makes you gain weight.
[12:35] The range of insulin that the lab gives you is not functional — it measures pathology.
[13:21] The optimal fasting insulin range is between 2.5 and 5.
[15:15] To resensitize your body to insulin you have to cut out the processed, refined carbohydrates and sugar from your diet, and start doing high-intensity interval training.
[18:54] Every time you eat, you stimulate insulin release. The goal is to lower your insulin levels so your cells become resensitized, and you’re never going to do that if you keep eating all day long.
[20:05] Long periods of time (more than 4 hours) between meals help your cells resensitize to insulin.
[20:54] Getting to bed early is crucial for your health.
[22:11] The Blood Sugar Manifesto is a free e-book that contains all of Dr. Mowll’s secrets about metabolism and blood sugar.
[23:48] Start your day right with JJ’s breakfast shake.
[24:35] Listener’s question: What should you do if you have to pick between getting enough sleep or exercising? Exercise is not about length, but rather intensity. (Choose sleep first, but there are ways to incorporate exercise in your daily routine, even if you’re short on time.)

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