Overcoming Breast Implant Illness with Diane Kazer – #402

How Breast Implants Can Be Harmful & What You Can Do to Take Back Your Health

Functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and former pro soccer player Diane Kazer joins JJ in today’s episode to explore the toxic truth about breast implants and how you can take back your health! Listen as Diane explains what breast implant illness is and the debilitating symptoms it can cause. Diane also shares her personal experience with breast implant illness, including the lessons she learned that she’s using to help others. Plus, find out about how to overcome breast implant illness and heal your body, as well as modern, safer fat transfer to breast implants. Diane is a courageous visionary in the world of hormones and detox, empowerment, and self-love!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. About six months after getting breast implants, Diane started to experience a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. Despite seeing various healthcare providers and doing different types of testing, these debilitating symptoms went on for years until Diane discovered that they were triggered by her breast implants.

2. Breast implants are filled with a host of chemicals, toxins, polymers, adhesives, and heavy metals. Many of these are xenoestrogens, which can contribute to estrogen dominance and the uncomfortable symptoms that go along with it.

3. In Diane’s new book, Overcoming Breast Implant Illness, she explains what to do if you think you may have breast implant illness. She also shares safe options for rebuilding your breasts after having breast implants removed.

Episode Play-By-Play

[0:33] Introduction to today’s episode

[1:03] Diane Kazer’s career briefing

[1:36] Listener shout-out

[2:33] Welcoming Diane to the show

[3:14] How Diane became involved in breast implant illness

[4:21] What is a bikini competition?

[5:40] Symptoms that Diane started experiencing after getting breast implants

[7:38] Breast implants are filled with a host of chemicals, toxins, polymers, adhesives, and heavy metals.

[7:44] The impact of xenoestrogens in breast implants

[8:05] Diane’s painful symptoms started to impair her adventurous lifestyle

[8:56] No one could figure out what was causing Diane’s symptoms.

[10:48] Why Diane decided to have her breast implants removed

[11:20] How quickly did Diane start to notice an improvement in her symptoms?

[11:57] How trapped bacteria in between the capsule and breast implant can be harmful

[12:25] Pathology testing that Diane recommends if you’re getting breast implants removed

[13:25] One study found that silicone migrated out of the breast capsule in 21% of women.

[14:59] How certain SNPs can impair your ability to detox

[17:50] What are the most common symptoms associated with breast implant illness?

[20:38] What are some of the different chemicals in breast implants?   

[22:58] If you’re concerned about breast implant illness, what is the first step?

[25:58] Steps to take before getting your breast implants removed

[28:23] Why it’s important to advocate for yourself

[29:10] How to detox after getting your breast implants removed

[30:40] How to get Diane’s free video

[30:59] Information about fat transfer

[32:29] Safe options for rebuilding your breasts

[34:07] What Diane would have done differently

[36:53] JJ’s top takeaways and next steps

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Overcoming Breast Implant Illness by Diane Kazer

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