How to Take Personal Responsibility for Your Health and Optimize Thyroid Function

At the age of 30, Elle Russ began struggling with a host of uncomfortable symptoms, including irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, and hair loss. After being misdiagnosed by multiple doctors, Elle decided to take her health into her own hands and heal her own thyroid condition. Listen as Elle shares what you need to know about thyroid testing and how reverse T3 issues can impact your health, plus the diet and lifestyle strategies that made the biggest difference for Elle, including a Primal/Paleo eating plan. Elle has compiled everything she’s learned throughout her healing journey into a free, comprehensive Thyroid Resource Guide so you, too, can take personal responsibility for your health and feel better again!

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. For years, Elle struggled with uncomfortable symptoms like irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, and hair loss. When she started working for Mark Sisson and adopted a Paleo/Primal paradigm, she discovered connections that hadn’t been made before.

2. You should only be attempting keto if your metabolism is functioning properly. It’s crucial to have the proper baseline in order for ketosis to work.

3. During her healing journey, Elle invested $15,000 and visited dozens of endocrinologists. She’s compiled everything she’s learned in a free Thyroid Resource Guide so you have the tools you need to take back your health.

Episode Play-By-Play

[3:35] How did Elle Russ become a thyroid expert?

[5:34] Elle’s personal struggle with uncomfortable symptoms, and not getting the help she needed from doctors.

[6:05] What is reverse T3?

[9:05] Your body is trying to protect you in any given moment, and your thyroid responds to the messages your body is sending.

[10:45] Going too fast in life can affect your adrenals in a negative way.

[11:45] Elle’s experience with a low-carb, keto diet, and how it affects your adrenals and thyroid.

[16:21] You should only be attempting keto if your metabolism is functioning properly.

[18:01] It’s important to consider the mechanism of action for each diet and if it’s appropriate for you based on your individual biochemistry and needs.

[20:41] When you chronically cut calories and over-exercise, your metabolism suffers.

[23:04] The hamster wheel of carbohydrate dependency

[24:43] Elle’s free gift includes tools and resources to help you get your thyroid back on track.   

[27:33] Hypothyroidism is a fixable situation!

[28:21] It’s crucial to learn about your diagnosis and take personal responsibility for your health.

[28:55] When you make a small change to something you do every day, the impact over time can be huge. That’s why JJ created the Plant-Based All-In-One Shake to start your day out right!

[29:33] Listener’s question: What’s the best way to test your adrenals?

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