Listen as Dr. Jolene Brighten uncovers the reality behind birth control pills and how they have been affecting women’s bodies since the 1960s. From leaky gut to autoimmune disease and more, there are many ways that birth control pills wreak havoc on your body. Learn about Post-Birth Control Syndrome and all you need to know to recover from this common issue, plus get Dr. Brighten’s detoxifying diet for free!


Key takeaway:

[1:40] Briefing of Dr. Jolene Brighten’s career
[4:15] How big of a problem is the birth control pill?
[5.23] Acne and PCOS are reasons why women take birth control pills, but the pill is masking underlying symptoms – as soon as it’s stopped, those symptoms come back with a vengeance
[8:03]  Perimenopausal and postmenopausal symptoms are due to the decline of hormones, especially progesterone.
[9:30] How do birth control pills affect perimenopausal and postmenopausal women?
[11.55]  Since the 1960s, when the pill was first given out, women have been complaining of symptoms of depression but have been dismissed by conventional medicine.
[13:05] Being off the pill is not enough to recover from its damage.
[14:01] Genetic changes have occurred due to the pill.
[14:45] What is Post-Birth Control Syndrome?
[16:05] What can you do about Post-Birth Control Syndrome?
[17:25] Diet and lifestyle changes are needed, not only supplements.
[18:24] Birth control pills are one of the main causes of leaky gut, which leads to increased risk of food sensitivities, brain fog, inflammation, and autoimmune disease.
[20:05] Get Dr. Brighten’s Post-Birth Control Syndrome Diet for free at to start detoxifying from birth control pills.
[21:25] Dr. Brighten meditates every day for optimal performance.
[23:20] Take JJ’s Leaky Gut Support Formula to repair leaky gut and alleviate digestive unrest.
[23:57] Listener’s question: Why do I get depressed for seemingly no reason? Hormone imbalances might be the answer
[25:20] Add in EstroCare to help support hormone balance, include healthy fats in your diet, especially omega-3 fats and supplement with a quality fish oil supplement like Omega Ultra, and keep your blood sugar balanced by eating a low-sugar impact diet.
[26:30] Manage stress with tapping and high-intensity interval training.

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