How to Reduce Your Toxic Burden and Boost Your Health With Essential Oils & Nutritious Foods

Dr. Z and Mama Z are well known for their tips and trusted advice on natural living for families. From eating healthy to essential oils, and everything in-between.

You’re going to love today’s far-ranging conversation from everything about essential oils and how to reduce your toxic burden to healthy eating and how Mama Z just got named Miss Georgia at the age of 41.

If you’re looking for the link between the quality of your food and skincare and how you look and feel, today’s episode will not disappoint!

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JJ Virgin: Hello and welcome to today’s show. I’m bringing back a buddy of mine. I’ve got Dr. Z and today I’ve got mama Z on with me as well. That’s Dr. Eric Zielinski and we are going to be digging into a really interesting topic. We’re in, we talking about. Essential oils. We’re going to be talking about toxicity and how toxicity can impact your weight.

And some of the things you really need to pull out of your diet, but more importantly, some of the things you want to put into your diet, and then also how you can use essential oils, um, topically to help with all of this. In fact, they gave me one hack that I had never heard of before. That is so.

Exciting, uh, for helping with weight management, uh, something that you can both, um, use kind of like as a Roma therapy, but also you could actually use topically as a body wrap. So I’m not going to tell you what it is. I know that’s not very nice is it you’ll [00:01:00] have to listen. This is a great interview and I have the perfect pair to do this.

Now. I’ve never had a husband and wife on the show before, and it was really exciting because Sabrina literally just got crown Mrs. Jones. And she is going off to compete in the Mrs. USA competition. So let me tell you a little bit about Dr. Eric Z and mama Z. They have pioneered natural living and biblical health education since 2003.

They are the authors of the best-selling book, the essential oils. Founder of natural living, which is now visited by more than 6 million natural health seekers every year. Exes crazy natural living has rapidly become the number one online source for biblical health and non-branded essential oils.

Education. Um, and they are just one of my go tos out there for everything around essential oils. They’ve really got that down. So I am really excited to share this [00:02:00] with you, but before I do that, I want to share this with you as well. And this is from aerobicqueen from USA. She gave me a four-star review and says evidence-based help them Bo and concise.

I really enjoy this podcast because as health coach myself, I hear a lot of misinformation out there and really appreciate Jay Jay’s experience as well as her dedication to provide high quality science-based health information. I only wish it was a little longer because I have to stop my workout to find another podcast to listen to.

All right. So here’s the deal aerobicqueen. I am starting to do, I always thought right. I want to make these podcasts perfect for drive time, but you know what I’ve decided is a mental, let them go a little longer when it feels right. So again, love getting these reviews because I want to give you what you are asking for.

All right. Now, before we dive into this week’s amazing episode on essential oils diet, I’ve got something else cool to share with you. Be back in a minute.[00:03:00] 

All right. Welcome back, Dr. Z. Good to have you here. And we’ve got mama Z on to welcome you guys. Thank you. Great 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: to be here. Yes, we love it. We love you JJ. So 

JJ Virgin: excited. I don’t think I’ve ever had a husband and wife on the show. So like, this is super exciting to have you both. On and especially with the new announcement.

So mama Z, as we all know her out there in the social media world just got crown Mrs. Georgia. 

Sabrina Ann Zielinski: Yes. Yes. I’m so excited. And we’re gearing up now for a Mrs. America in August. 

JJ Virgin: Very very cool. So I’m excited about that. And I’m also excited about your new book that you guys wrote together. Right? You wrote the essential oils [00:04:00] diet together.

Dr. Eric Zielinski: Yeah. And we Sabrina covers her pageant protocol and I got to brag on my wife. You poo who’s about right ahead. About the turn 41. All right. And. One, the swimsuit fitness competition competing with girls. Half her age, mama Z is a Hottie and her, her how to be a Hottie protocol is in the book. And that’s what people, JJ, people kept on asking us, Sabrina, how are you doing this?

For natural home births, how are you doing this? How do you get back in shape? And how do you live a life that’s healthy and tasty and worthwhile. And so it’s like, yay. And so we’re just so excited to be able to, you know, just to see just her hard work and perseverance because it doesn’t, you know, and you know what it’s like, JJ, it doesn’t come easy to accomplish 

JJ Virgin: because it’s going to bust a lot of myths of like, oh, well, you know, I’m getting older.

Hey, I’m 56. So as far as I’m concerned, it’s it’s forties and fifties are the new 20. Right. And, um, you ha and you [00:05:00] can, you can look and feel better in your forties, fifties, and sixties and seventies than you ever did when you start to apply some of the stuff I know we’re going to talk about today. So that’s super cool.

And you know, that whole thing of, well, I had kids, so, you know, I can’t get rid of my belly or, you know, I’m too busy cause I have kids. So I can’t put my health first are like, let’s just blow those ones. All. And I know that you’ve probably talk a lot about that in your book, because those are excuses that I see a lot of women putting out there and I’m calling them out for what they are.

They’re excuses. It doesn’t have to be that way. And you may not even recognize them as excuses. So let’s dive in to, and I think this is the perfect segue. Okay. To kind of people thinking wrong about weight loss, maybe asking the wrong questions when it comes to weight loss. So what, where should we be in all of this?

What should we be thinking? What should we be asking? You know, I, 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: I want, first of all, wanting to people, food. I mean, we really want to give people food freedom again, where [00:06:00] we have to have balance. I mean, somewhere we’ve gone on the total and spectrum of the pendulum and now people are freaked out about eating an apple, even organic, healthy apple, because too many carbs are like, it’s going to spike my blood sugar.

I’m going to gain five pounds. I’m going to feed my cancer if I eat fruit anymore. And. I mean, and there’s fear. A lot of it is based off of just fad diets. A lot of is based off of ignorance, but you know, JJ, we’re still recovering from the baby boom generation. And before that, we were told that fat’s bad for you.

Right. So you still got older people that are on margarine and then there’s like, what’s what’s right. Fat carbs. Well, how do 

JJ Virgin: I deal with this? Do they really still sell margarine? Like. I haven’t been to a normal grocery store. I know they don’t margarine at whole foods. So, um, for years, I mean, do they really?

Yeah, they 

Sabrina Ann Zielinski: really do. And, um, and when you re you know, dive deep into what that actually is, it’s, it’s so like a rancid, um, adding flavor back stuff, and people are still picking up the, I can’t believe it’s not butter [00:07:00] and 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: oil and. And 

Sabrina Ann Zielinski: they’re using the canola oil and all of this other stuff. So it’s like, we know that education is still needs to be had out there.

And it, you know, some people’s pain point is through their weight. Some people’s pain point is through their extra skin. And so it’s really reaching people at where they’re at and then helping them overcome in their own health journey. So they can not only reach their goals, but be a better human. 

JJ Virgin: So what is going on right now?

I mean, it’s, it’s, you started to talk a little bit about some of these damaged fats. I do blame, I mean, big time blame all of that ridiculousness about fat and being afraid of fat, but there are, I mean, let’s face it, there are kind of some foods we should be afraid of like artificial sweeteners and margin.

’cause, they’re not food. They’re not, that’s not food, but what do you think you’ve mentioned a couple. What do you think has going on? That’s created this health crisis. Cause [00:08:00] I see, um, issues with weight, just merely a reflection of, you know, poor diet and lifestyle and other stuff going on. So what’s 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: going on?

Well, a we’re not victims of our metabolic function. Metabolism is no longer escape. And that’s something that we hit hard in the book, JJ, even the Mayo clinic for crying out loud goes on record and actually says a slow metabolism is not linked, has never been linked, cannot be linked to weight gain. In fact, overweight people have a faster, a higher metabolism because it takes more metabolic function to keep them alive because they’re so overweight and they’re putting such a strain on their body.

So, first of all, it’s just to realize what’s going on here and what really puts a burden on your metabol. Is toxic overload and the body doesn’t know really the details. The body, you will see food, the body will see aromatic chemicals in the air. The body will see whatever you’re putting on your skin as something life-giving or something toxic.

And again, whether it’s makeup, whether it’s food, something you’re drinking, something you’re thinking even the body will perceive it [00:09:00] as very similar to a toxin, like a fun guy, a bacteria, a virus or something. Good. It’s that simple, reduce the toxic overload and stop the onslaught. And that’s where essential oils come into play with the aerosols.

And that’s where making mama’s ease. DIY recipes are so critical because you got to stop putting the chemicals on your skin because we know that will be linked to weight. Yeah. We know that will be linked to stress, stress, eating depression, cancer, anxiety. It it’s, it’s crazy when you think of it. So it’s about a balanced approach, a food freedom approach to help people realize, okay, what’s bad.

And that takes some time, like you mentioned, like the vegetable oils, the canola oil, the, the, the conventional dairy, the conventional meat products that conventional, whatever, all this stuff, the processed foods. You get back into the slow food movement, where you start making your own food. Again, you start focusing on the organics.

non-GMO you start focusing on the right kinds of animal protein. Cause there’s a lot of bad kinds of animals. I’m 

JJ Virgin: [00:10:00] glad she brought up the animal protein thing because one of my frustrations out there is that when we talk about animal protein, I keep seeing it. We shouldn’t eat red meat. I’m like, well, We cannot call conventionally raised red meat and you know, all the factory red meat, we can’t call that the same as all the grass fed.

We can’t call it the same thing. Like that’s crazy, you know? So what is your feeling about. I know the organization we’re in mind share together. And I always laugh that we’ve got the only organization. I know where we’ve got vegan, keto, paleo, like, you know, breadth of Taryn’s everyone’s hanging out together and get along and no one’s fighting over bacon, but right.

And it’s just kind of a personal choice, but what would you say to someone? Because I find that argument that I see out there. You know whether or not teed animals is there directing it, the wrong place. It’s where we really have to look at you are what you eat ate. So let’s, let’s talk, dive a [00:11:00] little bit more into the, the, when you talk food freedom.

I think you’re talking about eating all of the right types of foods. What would those be? And what are some of the things you definitely want to stay 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: away from? Yeah, I mean, the, the thing is, is that. There are certain foods that are just naturally more polluted than others. And the environmental working group has done a great job on the produce aspects.

You can go to the environmental working group,, or we also have the listener book, the essential oils diet. There are certain foods like strawberries and berries and kale that are just heavily written with pesticides, just because of how they’re grown in America and around the world. Other foods like cantaloupe, pineapple, avocado, banana, you really don’t need to quote, waste your money on organic because these products don’t need.

Produce don’t need to be sprayed like the other ones do. So, first of all, just realizing that, and also like you mentioned two huge, huge difference between grass fed wild caught versus conventional. And at the end of the day, nothing [00:12:00] conventional should touch our lips when it comes to animal protein period.

Especially dairy and whey and collagen and quote this bone broth craze. And though, here’s the thing about bone broth is what’s the source of the. Yeah, and this is scary. And you know, this JJ, a lot of the stuff that we see in the market is based off of the by-product of the conventional chicken industry.

And these chickens are fed trash and you’re getting that in the bone marrow and then you’re pottering the bone and then you’re consuming that. So to find good organic, non GMO fed is absolutely critical. And also I think it’s balance. Like on the other end, we have this carnival diet and it’s like, where do we lose balance?

And I do think there’s somewhat of a lack of balance in raw vegan too. It’s like, okay, let’s kind of go back and let’s see how our ancestors have eaten and let’s see how we’ve thrived. And you know, you want a diet full of fruits and vegetables and nuts and legumes. And, and there I say healthy grains, like good organic non GMO [00:13:00] keenwah is not going to kill anybody.

But it’s, here’s the problem though, is your diet full of that? Is, are you eating. Organic non-GMO oatmeal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and having a fruit smoothie and fruit juice. Like you’re going to obviously blood sugar spike out. I mean, you’re just gonna carpet yourself out and you don’t want to do that.

So it’s about the healthy balance of fats, carbs and proteins, where you’re not even thinking about the numbers anymore. And that’s the freedom. We don’t think about numbers. None of we have no nutritional facts. People ask us why, because it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t matter when you’re eating a well-balanced diet.

And when you’re in tune with your body, you’ll know, like if I were to have oatmeal with a glass of fruit juice in the morning, I would crash. I would actually start to have shakes in within half an hour. And people don’t even recognize that’s not normal when they feel that way. Cause they just take a pill or they do something to get through that.

JJ Virgin: Yeah, amen to all of those things. 

Sabrina Ann Zielinski: Yes. You want me to blow your mind just a minute. So, uh, we had a guy work for us, um, to help build our fence [00:14:00] and stuff like that. And he worked for a company. This is local, it’s a billion dollar industry around the world and, um, his job he’d get to work and he would power wash his body and put a hazmat suit on.

And well, this company provides, um, the, uh, the animal feed for all, um, conventionally raised animals, all different kinds. So his job was to, while he’s wearing this, you know, toxic chemical suit, um, to take the liquid formaldehyde to other toxic chemical. Combine them together into granules and then add them to whatever animal feed that they would, um, put it in.

And this, this company is like 30 miles from where we live and you go onto their Facebook page and, and you almost don’t even believe that this is even possible. And, um, so many of the people he said, had to leave, they were getting nosebleeds, um, these intense migraine headaches, and they’re wearing these hazmat suits and then their power [00:15:00] washing off.

But this is all from conventional stuff. And this is what the animals are eating. They say, oh, this protects you from having things, hats, you know, in the feed and from salmonella. But what about all the toxic chemicals? The animals are taking in. And, you know, for people who just, you know, see an interview or whatever, and they’re like, oh, I just need to eat more animal products, but they’re not really looking at what, what actually they need to do.

So they’re just going and getting whatever at the store. You’re consuming all of this and just completely destroying your toxic load. 

JJ Virgin: That is frightening. Frightening. I actually did a talk, um, couple of years ago at Parker seminar in Vegas, where I came out in a hazmat. Um, yeah, when I was talking about toxins, cause you know, when you look at this, it is really the scariest thing out.

There are toxins and they’re sneaking and always talking about sugar, sneaking into places, but toxins are [00:16:00] one of the key places that they’re sneaking in. Let’s face it. A lot of our beauty products, skin care products. So. I’d love to go there a little bit with you, Sabrina. Cause here you are, you just literally, literally just got crowned Mrs.

Georgia, and you are. Flat out gorgeous. You’re 41 years old. So you gotta be using something. 

Sabrina Ann Zielinski: Absolutely. So we make a lot of our own products, um, and we’re blessed to use, um, Anna Maria skincare and also my, um, both of my makeup artists are very conscious with all of that. And so everything that we use on my face, um, is organic.

Um, most of the time that’s a vegan. And if you even just think about one product alone, let’s, let’s just talk about mascara. You’re putting bat poo. On your eyes. It is, if you are using conventional mascara, you’re putting bat poop on your eyes and you know, I’m sure anybody that’s vegan is probably like freaking out right now.

But, um, 

JJ Virgin: so there everybody’s freaking out right [00:17:00] now. Forget just vegan. 

Sabrina Ann Zielinski: So the thing is, and I I’ve done the research and. There are so many other good products out there that we can use and utilizing, um, the environmental working group is a, is a great place for people to start, um, finding a company, um, or companies that you, that you really like.

Because the, the biggest thing that people ask me is, you know, there’s this cross between wearability. And, you know, the natural components, but when we, as women are leaving our house with hundreds of chemicals on our body, we have to just think, you know, like our skin is the largest organ of our body. So like we have to be very conscious of what we put on our skin.

And then it’s also important. To straight up wash your face because so many people leave their makeup on their face at night. And, um, you know, again, that mascara, um, if you look at, um, uh, [00:18:00] an eye that has had mascara left on overnight, the mites that grow within that nighttime, it’s actually disgusting.

It’s a microbiology experiment right there on your eyeballs. So, oh boy, go, go to sleep like that. So, you know, utilizing essential oils. Yeah, we’ve created a lot of different products. I make my own, um, um, I rank up remover and it is absolutely amazing. It smells like Thanksgiving. And, um, there are so many different things that we have at our fingertips these days that 15 years ago, just, you know, we just didn’t know.

And, or we just didn’t know that that was an option. And if we focus on using those natural products on our skin, We are taking a great stride to making our bodies more receptible to the foods that we eat and being, and living a more healthy, natural life. And 

JJ Virgin: that might’ve sounded like this total, like where’s JJ going with this, we’re talking about the essential oils diet, but if you are using these toxic things on your skin, your skin’s a sieve.

They [00:19:00] can interrupt your hormones. They can make you store fat that can make you more insulin resistant. They can lower your thyroid function. So. These things matter. And that’s why I was so excited when I saw this. I went, oh my gosh. All right. You’re cause you guys have been doing essential oils for years.

You’re one of our go-to experts here at the JJ Virgin lifestyle show. And so I love this whole idea of this essential oils diet and showing some of this DIY do it yourself stuff you can do. So. Get dig a little deeper into the essential oils and how they can help here and why you wrote this book. 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: Yeah.

You know, it all boils down to what we call leaky skin and right. If we talk about, uh, yeah, 

JJ Virgin: no. Why, why aren’t we talking about leaking? No, no, 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: right. Oh yes. And I know the gut microbiome, we all know about the gut microbiome ad nauseum. Everyone’s talking about the gut microbiome for years, but you have as many, if not more.

Um, bacteria on your skin. I mean, that is what your skin [00:20:00] is. I mean, so when you look at the microbiome on our skin, it’s being annihilated by the products that we put on our skin. And so what it’s causing is micro sleds, little, like what we think of as leaky gut leaky skin is causing chemicals to penetrate into our blood.

And this is a problem. Okay. Well, what’s the big deal inflammation. And that’s another buzzword that we really try to educate people like inflammation. Isn’t bad. Like, first of all, um, you cut yourself, which I have a tendency to do. I’m that guy who doesn’t use a cutting board. I use a knife and I have avocado in my hand and that’s just my nature sometimes.

And so I cut myself well, thank God for inflammation, because blood shunts to the area, it oozes, it starts to puff up. The brain signal says, Hey. Pain there’s damage. Be careful. Don’t do this again. You idiot. And next thing you know, things start to heal while inflammation is the body’s natural response to an assault.

So the problem is chronic inflammation. And when you’re in, when you’re putting on your skin, [00:21:00] when you’re consuming. That create this toxic something S O S 9 1 1 response. That’s the bottom line SOS 9 1 1, the body responds via inflammation. It’s a healing mechanism and it’s, we’ve only been designed to have that healing mechanism temporarily.

Again, you cut your finger. If you keep on cutting your finger in the same spot, it’s going to cause a significant problem. Significant problem. And so what happens is we keep on putting these skincare products on our body, keep on eating the foods that we shouldn’t be eating. The body becomes a essentially destroyed internally, um, from chronic inflammation.

And that’s what we’re trying to help people recognize is, is let’s use these natural physiological mechanisms to our advantage and stop the onslaught. Stop the abuse. And that’s a hard word, but coming from alcohol abuse, drug abuse, my own life, I use that word because it scares people. [00:22:00] Um, we’re oftentimes abusing ourselves and we don’t know it.

And part of the book is about emotional detoxification, falling in love with yourself. Again, realizing you’re worth it and doing the things that you need to do. So you really stop this onslaught. And so your body can start to heal from the inside. 

JJ Virgin: So, what are the, what are a couple takeaways from the book that you can share that may people have people going?

So I think it’s already, you’ve already talked about bat poop, mascara. Um, that’s definitely aha. Um, and the idea of this leaky skin, which I just love and the fact that these things that we are. Putting in our body and putting on our body can actually be causing us to not be able to lose weight or even gain weight.

What are a couple of the tips that you have in the book? 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: Oh, you know, for people that need a help over the hump in there’s, there’s a hump, there’s a plateau. Maybe you’ve, you’ve tried whatever you’re on keto, you’re doing paleo, you’re vegan, raw, whatever. And you find yourself like [00:23:00] plateauing, you’re not reaching your health goals.

We have really found that essential oils can help people get through this. And so a bunch of different things like using peppermint to boost your energy, using cinnamon bark, to balance your blood sugar, to help with cravings. Um, you know, it’s really fun. It’s kind of exciting too. And one thing that Sabrina has used extensively during her training for the pageant is using citrus essential oils to boost your body’s natural.

Antidepressive and fat-burning mechanism like literally just smelling lime and smelling smell, lime smell. Grapefruit has been proven to stimulate lipolysis, which is fat breakdown. So just by incorporating these little things, I’m not saying, I’m not saying that if you open up your bottle of the lime is going to cause you to drop 50 pounds next week, but we’ve seen, we’ve seen people just helping them through that.

And then that little area, um, applying mama’s east fat-burning rap over their thighs or underarms or tummy, whatever the problem areas might be incorporating. These essential oils as part of their daily life [00:24:00] can really make a difference. 

JJ Virgin: Wow. Wow. That is super cool. Now I’m sure all of this is in the book, right?

The essential oil stuff. Yes, 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: of course, with everything. Yes. 

JJ Virgin: Yes. Yay. And I know. Awesome. Plus when they buy the book, you also have a special bundle where they get all sorts of cool stuff. Let’s walk through what they get, and I’m going to share with everybody. You can get [email protected] slash. E oh, diet that’s for essential oils diet.

And when you buy the book, you’ll be able to get this awesome bundle of cool stuff. And what’s the coolest stuff they’re going to get. 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: Well, videos, mama, Z walking you through how to make some of the recipes, mama, Z walking you through how to do every one of the exercises, because we have an exercise program, a couple of eBooks, all that’s cool, but you know what?

The best thing is. We have a 60 day challenge. Over 2000 people, a private group coaching program that we have started [00:25:00] that anyone can start it’s open enrollment any time. And we walk people through a 60 day journey and the research has shown JJ and whoever said, it takes two, three weeks to develop a habit.

It’s a liar because research has shown it takes 66 days on average. So we have one, one person might be able to stem, you know, change their way of life in a day. Like me, other people needs to take a couple months. So you give us. Two months, and I’ll tell you, your taste buds will change. Your hormones will balance your way of life.

If you’re. We’ll be transformed. So you will enjoy a lifelong, sustainable, healthy, tasty way of life that you could be happy with this. Isn’t a diet. Yo-yo this, isn’t a, merry-go-round this isn’t a cheat day mentality. So we want to give people a 60 day group coaching gift, because what’s the point of reading a book.

If you can’t implement it. Right. And the 

Sabrina Ann Zielinski: great thing about it is, is that they have all these other people that are going through the same progress and they’re going through the same things at the same time. And so they can not only just lean on each other because they may [00:26:00] or may not have the support at home.

And so it’s so important to have a group, a community, a natural living family that they’re able to grow and learn together because that’s where the magic happens. 

JJ Virgin: I so agree with you. In fact, people ask me, well, how do I, how do I make sure I get the results? I go, you go find people that are where you are or ahead of you.

And you spend that time with. That’s the, like one of the biggest keys to success. So I love that you put that in as part of it. And again, And Hey, first of all, big congratulations, Sabrina on your win. And, um, we will all be cheering you on in August for your competition about me.

I’m Mr. Jordan. C’mon um, yeah, there you go. Mr. 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: There’s no mystery. I’m training. I’m training for Mr. America. 

Sabrina Ann Zielinski: You should have heard him after I won the evening gown competition, he said, did you see how I handed you off? I won that competition. 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: [00:27:00] They had did the husbands escort scored them off and it’s like, 

JJ Virgin: oh, 

Dr. Eric Zielinski: it’s a family.

Sabrina Ann Zielinski: So I may put, I may put that award on his dresser. 

JJ Virgin: There you go. Okay. I bet you looked awesome in the tux, right? Well, after the break, I’m going to take what you said. I’m going to make some action steps so people can just take action on it. So stick with me.

All right, welcome back. Okay. So now I want to make sure I give you some action items to take from this episode. First of all, Jeff, you want to grab the essential oils diet, and when you do, you’ll get all of the. Awesome bonuses that Dr. Z talked about, and you can find out more about that at

I’m also going to put there the link to the environmental working group. So you can check that out as well as links to a couple of my favorite. Non-toxic products. [00:28:00] Now Sabrina mentioned Ann Marie Gianni skincare. We, we love us that over here. And in fact, when I was moving to Tampa, moving into my new place, it was like, I got the big love box of that.

And my. Goodness from my green fills and my buddy Stephen Ezell. So I’m going to link out some of my favorites there as well, because what I thought was really important, one of the key takeaways here is to really understand that weight loss is not a calories in calories. Issue. And I’ve talked about this so many times you’ve been around, you know, I say my, your body’s not a bank account.

It’s a chemistry lab. Weight loss is a hormonal issue. And one of the things that can really mess up your personal chemistry lab are toxins. And one of the key places we get, those is by what we put on our skin. And especially for women, I want you to really go in there. And look at what you’re putting on your skin.

What are the skincare items you’re using? What is the makeup you’re using? And are you putting bad poop on your eyelashes? This was an eye-opener to me. And I’m like, oh my gosh. [00:29:00] So let’s look at what you can do to start to make those transitions if you haven’t yet. And I’m going to share some of my favorites with you again, in the show notes, you can grab those apt

Little quick reminder to subscribe. So you do not miss any goodness, especially with all the new stuff we are doing around the community here with, um, our Q and a Friday and extra shows. And while you’re there, I’d love to get your input. Because again, I designed these shows based on the feedback I am getting.

So if there’s something you’d like to know more about, if there’s, you know, a guest you’d love to see, et cetera, just let me know and I will go track. All right. Thanks so much for tuning in. See you next time.


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