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Living a High-Vibration Life with Robyn Openshaw | Ep. 148

Robyn Openshaw shares her dramatic life change — her health and her son’s were seriously compromised by several diseases, most of them autoimmune. Robyn decided to start including greens in her diet, and that was the beginning of a new life for her and her family. Cleaning and boosting your vibration is the key. You can do it too! Enjoy practical and easy tips, along with an amazing gift directly from Robyn. It’s time for the first step to a healthier and more plentiful life.

Key Takeaways:
[:43] Robyn Openshaw´s career briefing
[1:44] Reality TV experience of Robyn Openshaw
[4:25] What was going on with Robyn´s health before becoming the Green Smoothie Girl?
[5:21] Robyn had 21 diseases, and her son was experiencing serious health complications.
[11:21] Once a pediatrician told her, “Diet and exercise do not cure asthma.”
[12:53] Sugar is the current plague of America.
[13:19] The purpose: To help people achieve a better level of health
[14:16] Your molecules are changing electrons with people around the planet right now.
[14:48] How to achieve higher vibrations in 7 days
[15:11] There are high- and low-vibration emotions.
[17:02] Eating green food is the best thing you can do every day to make the biggest difference in your life.
[18:33] Gift to the audience: a free video masterclass
[20:08] Create steady, sustained energy while losing fat and keeping it off by drinking JJ Virgin shakes
[20:58] Where are the sugars hiding in your diet?
[22:40] Make sure your green smoothie is not loaded with sugar; read the labels.

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