Which Sweeteners to Choose and Which to Lose

We’ve been looking at sugar all wrong! Sneaky sugars are everywhere and as a result, it makes it even harder for us to choose healthy sweetener options. Listen as JJ explains the high-sugar impact sweeteners you should avoid like fructose, agave and artificial sweeteners, plus what makes sweeteners like sugar alcohols, stevia, and monk fruit JJ’s top choices. Don’t miss this episode where JJ answers all your questions about sweeteners and gives you easy hacks to help crush your cravings and break free from the sugar trap for good!

Key takeaways:
[2:45] All carbs, except for fiber, turn into sugar.
[3:30] Which sweeteners can we really use?
[3:56] Sugar Impact Diet classifies foods as high, medium, or low-sugar impact.
[5:10] Why you should avoid fructose and agave
[6:44] Artificial sweeteners cause you to crave more sweet and trigger caloric dysregulation.
[11:03] Honey and maple syrup are still sugars.
[11:38] Sugar alcohols and herbals are okay to use, but they should be consumed in small amounts.
[12:28] Stevia and monk fruit are good options, but they can still cause caloric dysregulation.
[14: 40] Cinnamon and vanilla are JJ’s favorite options.
[14:54] You’re either born with a sweet tooth or stress and training can create one.
[15:20] Sour takes your sweet tooth away. Try JJ’s Lemon-Aid recipe!
[15:53] Focus on The Virgin Diet or Sugar Impact Diet Plate — healthy fats, clean, lean protein, loads of non-starchy vegetables, and some slow-low carbs.
[17:01] Taper down your sweet tooth.
[17:30] Start your day right with JJ’s All-In-One Shake!
[18:21] Listener’s question: I’ve followed the Sugar Impact Diet and gotten rid of my sweet tooth. Is it okay to incorporate cheat meals now?
[19:10] Cheat meals trigger powerful hormonal responses and inflammation in your body.

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