The Magic of Kimchi in Restoring Your Gut & Your Health with Dr. Susanne Bennett – #340

The Many Benefits and Easy Prep of This Fantastically Beneficial Fermented Food

Dr. Susanne Bennett joins JJ as they discuss the incredible benefits of traditional Korean kimchi, a fermented food easily made. Dr. Susanne Bennett is a holistic chiropractic physician, specializing in allergies, detoxification, gut health and anti-aging medicine and a #1 bestselling author. She explains the benefits of kimchi, and its effect on our health, including how it can help heal your gut, reduce inflammation, support cardiovascular health, and help with diabetes and insulin resistance. We get the run-down of how to make it, how much to consume daily and how long it lasts in your fridge. Tune in for this entertaining and enlightening episode!

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Kimchi is a valuable source of good bacteria that can support a healthy gut. Fermented foods have a much higher percentage of bacterial strains than probiotic capsules.

2.  Kimchi is easy to make. The vegetables chosen for your kimchi can be customized to your taste.

3. Kimchi strengthens the gut, which helps with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. It also contributes to healthy skin, digestion and fights obesity.

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:15] Introduction to today’s episode

[1:41] Dr. Susanne Bennett’s career briefing

[2:22] Listener shout-out

[4:09] Welcoming Dr. Susanne to the show

[5:55] How Dr. Susanne became interested in kimchi

[6:30] History of how kimchi is made

[7:00] Kimchi is vegetables combined with fermentation, which increases good bacteria.

[7:34] Fermented foods play a major role in the health of our gut microbiome.

[8:40] Even with the westernization of Korea, the people there are still lean & healthy.

[10:20] After a visit to Korea, Dr. Susanne saw everyone eats kimchi in addition to large amounts of food that would be traditionally considered high calorie, high fat, high sugar.

[11:30] She recommends incorporating kimchi using different veggies, building your system up.

[12:57] Any kind of veggie can be turned into kimchi with these few ingredients.

[13:30] Kimchi strengthens the gut, and therefore, can help people who suffer from leaky gut-induced autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

[14:20] A certain type of bacteria found in vegetables in kimchi has anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory effects.

[15:55] Overcoming challenges when first incorporating kimchi into your diet

[16:50] The benefits of garlic in kimchi   

[18:11] Do you need to use a starter when making kimchi?

[18:55] How to make kimchi – 4 easy steps

[21:30] The difference between sauerkraut and kimchi

[21:53] Can you get kimchi at the grocery store?

[22:55] Over-the-counter probiotics have 5 to 10 strains of bacteria. Kimchi has 1000’s.

[23:15] How kimchi can help reduce inflammation, support cardiovascular health, and help with diabetes and insulin resistance

[24:28] How quickly someone may notice the benefits of kimchi

[24:47] Start by gradually including kimchi in your diet, with 1 to 2 tbsp per day at first.

[25:20] Shelf life of homemade kimchi is 2 to 3 months.

[27:52] It’s all about health by addition: adding one superfood.

[28:04] JJ’s challenge: What one thing can you add every single day to make yourself healthier?

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