The Thyroid-Histamine Link with Dr. Becky Campbell – #296

The Connection Between Histamine Intolerance and Thyroid Health

Dr. Becky Campbell is an author and board-certified doctor of natural medicine. She struggled with uncomfortable symptoms for a long time before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and only later discovered the cause of her thyroid condition that doctors had been missing. Listen as Dr. Campbell shares her journey, as well as the most common signs of hypo- and hyperthyroidism and the root causes behind them. Dr. Campbell also reveals her recommendations for thyroid testing, including the test you should be asking your doctor to perform if you suspect you have Hashimoto's. Plus, Dr. Campbell explains the connection between histamine intolerance and thyroid disorders, as well as how to know if histamine-rich foods are creating issues for you. Find out how to take control of your thyroid health so you can feel better again!

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Dr. Campbell suffered from uncomfortable symptoms for a long period of time before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. She finally started to feel better and knew she wanted to help folks who were struggling with thyroid issues as well.

2. 20% of people with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis don't have antibodies present. It wasn't until Dr. Campbell learned to read ultrasounds herself that she discovered she had Hashimoto's.

3. Dr. Campbell started to notice that for some people with thyroid conditions, eating high-histamine foods made their symptoms worse. Dr. Campbell explains how gut issues can play a role in both histamine intolerance and thyroid disorders.

Episode Play-By-Play

[2:13] Episode briefing   

[3:38] Listener shout-out

[5:33] If you want to lose weight even faster, here’s the two-word secret: Extra Fiber!

[6:50] Dr. Becky Campbell’s personal experience with thyroid issues   

[8:12] The most common cause of hypothyroidism

[9:46] How Dr. Campbell discovered that she had Hashimoto’s disease

[10:00] 20% of people with Hashimoto’s don’t have antibodies present.

[10:13] Diagnosing Hashimoto’s via ultrasound

[11:40] Signs and symptoms of hypo- and hyperthyroidism

[12:22] Issues with conventional lab testing

[13:37] Dr. Campbell’s recommendations for thyroid testing

[15:04] Common triggers of thyroid issues

[16:00] Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune condition.

[16:05] How antibiotics can affect the bacteria in your gut and in turn, your immune system

[16:30] Many of Dr. Campbell’s patients have some type of gut infection.

[17:33] The impact of stress on thyroid health

[19:08] How to stop the progression of thyroid disease

[21:03] How histamine-rich foods can cause issues in some folks

[22:21] The histamine-thyroid connection

[23:33] How to figure out if you have histamine intolerance

[25:00] Can you reverse histamine intolerance?

[26:19] The top high-histamine foods

[28:26] There’s no one-size-fits-all diet.

[29:47] Listener’s question: What’s the best type of exercise if you have adrenal issues?

[33:23] Start small and build on your progress, using your body as a guide.

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