Why Taking Vitamin D Is So Essential to Your Health with JJ Virgin – #362

JJ’s Top 6 Reasons to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Vitamin D

Today JJ discusses how vitamin D helps your body perform at its best. She lets you know how much vitamin D you should be taking, ways you can get this super hormone into your system naturally, and how to determine how much you should be taking when you supplement. She’ll also talk about what foods contain vitamin D, and which vitamin you should always take along with it. Tune in today for this informative episode.

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Vitamin D is vital to your good health. It affects your body, mind and attitude.

2. Vitamin D plays a big part in your body’s ability to lose weight. It controls insulin sensitivity, and makes it easier to burn fat.

3. Make sure to test your levels. If you’re not getting enough of this important vitamin, supplement and make sure to test twice yearly if you live in a climate with major weather changes.

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:27] Some of the benefits of Vitamin D in your body

[2:40] First, strong bones and teeth need calcium, but do you know how vitamin D helps?

[3:56] Do you know which vitamin you must take with vitamin D, and why?

[6:01] Second, vitamin D is produced by exposure to the sun, and in winter there is a lot less sunshine.

[7:00] Depending on this factor, you will need to adjust your intake of vitamin D

[7:30] Third, vitamin D boosts your immune system, and here’s how

[8:55] Check your vitamin D levels by having this test performed by your doctor

[9:45] Fourth, vitamin D is actually a hormone. It can help with your mood and improve symptoms of depression.

[11:54] Fifth, vitamin D helps make your weight loss easier.

[12:30] How vitamin D helps support insulin sensitivity, and the importance of insulin sensitivity in fat burning

[13:41] Six, vitamin D helps you maintain a healthy heart.

[14:50] Vitamin D helps with healthy muscles.

[15:45] What are some reasons we aren’t getting enough vitamin D?

[17:23] Foods that contain vitamin D – fatty fish (salmon and sardines), cheese (if not dairy intolerant), beef liver (grass fed), mushrooms, and egg yolks (pastured).

[19:00] It’s not always easy to get your vitamin D through food or sunshine, so supplement.

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