How to Build a Diet and Lifestyle Based on Your Unique, Bio-individual Needs

When Teri Cochrane's son began to struggle with major health issues at a young age, Teri left her career in the corporate world to find the solution to his health crisis. Today, Teri's son is a thriving young adult, and Teri is an integrative practitioner with a wealth of knowledge to share on how to heal your body by eating the right foods! Listen as Teri explains how The Wildatarian Diet can help you build a diet and lifestyle that's customized according to your bio-individual needs, including the quiz you can take to figure out which Wildatarian type you are, how to tell if you have issues with protein, fat, or sulfur malabsorption, as well as the foods you should and shouldn't be eating according to your unique genetic blueprint. Plus, you don’t want to miss the foods that Teri eats in a typical day!

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Teri became interested in integrative health and nutrition when she was told that her son would suffer from seizures and other health issues. Teri helped her son heal by changing the major food groups he was eating, and today he is a thriving young adult.

2. The Wildatarian Diet is based on your unique, bio-individual needs. The first step is to take the quiz to figure out which type of Wildatarian you are.

3. The Wildatarian diet is rooted in what Teri calls “the big three”: protein, fat, and sulfur malabsorption. Teri discovered that many of us are not breaking down these 3 big molecules.

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:35] Teri Cochrane’s career briefing

[3:21] How did Teri shift from working in the corporate world to the integrative health field?

[5:12] The foundation of the Wildatarian program

[7:20] The first place to start is with Teri’s book, The Wildatarian Diet: Living as Nature Intended.

[9:28] Your body changes over time, which is why Teri teaches you how to become a body interpreter.

[11:12] Signs that you’re not breaking down fat well

[12:40] How to tell if you’re having difficulty digesting protein

[14:18] Sulfur-rich foods that are commonly eaten to support detoxification

[15:33] A widely-used herbicide called glyphosate may be inhibiting your body’s ability to break down sulfur.

[17:31] How can you tell if you have issues processing sulfur?

[18:31] Genes are our tendency, not our destiny.

[20:25] What Teri eats in a typical day

[24:38] Teri checks in with her thoughts every day and is a firm believer that we manifest what we think.

[25:48] Want a better quality of sleep while also calming your brain? Try JJ Virgin’s Sleep Candy!

[26:25] Listener’s question: Menopause hit me like a tornado. What can I do?

[29:35] Estrogen is nature’s antidepressant for women.

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