StarGazing Party Menu

Menu Recap and Star-Gazing Party Guide

by JJ Virgin on August 22, 2016

Whether you’re looking for a unique birthday party idea or a fun outing for family and friends, you can’t beat getting together for a picnic under the stars. The dishes in the Star-Gazing Party menu are all easily portable and appealing to all ages.

Star-Gazing Party Menu

Tips & Activities for Star-Gazing Party Fun

  • Make your own star wheel to help identify the stars and planets in your night sky at any time of the year. Just print, cut, and assemble a wheel for each of your party guests.
  • While summer is the best time for star-gazing, you can have fun observing the night sky any time of the year if you bring the right supplies. Be sure to pack lawn chairs or blankets, flashlights, insect repellant, warm clothes in case things get chilly as the night goes on, and a yummy meal. A pair of binoculars is also great to have on hand.
  • How do you find the best spot to watch the night sky? The darker the better, so try to get a good distance away from city or neighborhood lights, including car headlights. Get your meal and star wheels ready, then turn off all flashlights. Give your eyes 10-15 minutes to adjust to complete darkness, a process called “dark adaptation.” Once your eyes get used to the dim light levels, you’ll be able to count a lot more stars. (Want to test how dark adaptation works? Go outside at night and look up, then count the stars you see. After about 10 minutes in the dark, check again – you should count many more stars. Now look at a light source, then check one more time. A lot of those stars won’t be visible any longer.)

Wishing you an out-of-this-world Star-Gazing Party adventure! If you try the recipes, don’t forget to comment below or share your pics on our Facebook page.