Protein Shake for Weight Loss

Why a Quick & Easy Protein Shake Is the Perfect Meal for Weight Loss

Dieting means paying special attention to what and when you eat. But a lot of popular diets require you to give up the foods you love cold-turkey or go hungry in the name of losing weight. That's not only miserable, it's totally unnecessary!

Skipping meals or cutting yourself off at a certain number of calories or fat grams can have awful effects on your quality of life, energy levels, and ability to focus.

The worst part is that eating too little or being unhappy with your food virtually guarantees your diet will fail. Willpower and good intentions can only carry you so far before cravings or the hassle make you fall off the wagon. And sometimes, even when you follow every rule, you still don’t see results.

It’s not your fault.

Cutting calories and fat or ignoring hunger sends your body a message that says, “I’m not getting enough food.” When your body suspects starvation is a possibility, it very wisely holds on to fat to protect you. That’s why so many people find that strict dieting actually makes them gain weight!

It’s a miserable cycle, and the ups and downs of yo-yo dieting don’t do your body or your self-esteem any favors.

So, please:

  2. Don’t skip meals.
  3. Don’t spend dozens of extra hours in the grocery store and kitchen making “healthy” food that sacrifices taste and convenience.

It’s time to choose meals that are quick to prepare, taste great, and meet all your nutrition needs while STILL helping you shed pounds and feel full and satisfied. And your first meal of the day is a great place to start…

Let’s agree right now: no more skipping breakfast. And no more “Healthy Morning Muffins” and venti skinny lattes from your local coffee shop!

Both options promise a mid-morning crash that will leave you starving and exhausted before lunchtime. They also sabotage your weight-loss efforts by giving you all the wrong nutrition to encourage fast, lasting fat loss.

Instead, try a protein shake at breakfast. (And don’t worry, you can still have your morning caffeine – just mix your java into your shake.) With a protein shake, you get a quick, filling breakfast that tastes delicious and delivers power-packed nutrition to set your metabolism up to HELP you lose weight.

Unlike smoothies, protein shakes don’t give you a massive dose of sugar that makes your energy and focus take a nosedive. And protein shakes keep you full, so your stomach isn’t growling and angry at 11 AM.

No need to fear boredom either! Just download your free Smoothie Guide now, for 48 easy, healthy recipes for delicious shakes, smoothie bowls, decadent coffee drinks, and more. There’s also fun, creative recipes, like a protein-packed Mock Nutella and Strawberry Pudding Pops.

Prepping and eating breakfast should be something you look forward to every morning. Even better, it should set you up to burn fat and enjoy great, steady energy all day long. Getting into the smoothie habit is an easy way to ensure you never skip the most important meal of the day, and the Smoothie Guide will make sure you have plenty of quick, appetizing choices.

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