Quick Question: What Are Carb Blockers?

by JJ Virgin on November 11, 2016

No matter how cautious or committed you are with your diet, there comes a time when the carbs win.

Maybe it’s fresh breadsticks at dinner or a piece of your aunt’s banana bread during the family reunion. Sometimes you can’t control what’s available to eat, and that club sandwich at your work lunch may be all that’s standing between you and a complete sugar crash.

Want to know a secret?

I’ll let you in on the truth: just because you eat carbs, that doesn’t mean your body has to feel their effects. Taking a carb blocker before you eat can keep your system from digesting and absorbing starches and the calories they contain.

The technical name for these supplements is “amylase inhibitors” because they prevent the amylase in your saliva and digestive system from breaking down starches. Without that enzyme at work, carbohydrates aren’t absorbed.

I first tried an amylase inhibitor during a trip to Italy, and it worked wonders. Even after eating pasta, I actually lost weight on vacation! Inspired by that experience, I started thinking about what else we could pair with a carb blocker to create an even more helpful, effective product.

I don’t know about you, but there are some foods like soy, dairy, and gluten that do a number on my system. Even when I’m vigilant, between frequent travel and dining out, they still sneak in. That’s why I decided to pair a carb blocker with a selection of enzymes that help your body break down the difficult proteins in those problem foods.

Safety Net for the win!

The resulting supplement took a full year to develop and perfect, and it’s called Safety Net.* Not only does Safety Net Plus include the highest quality carb blocker and digestive enzymes, it also contains nutrients and botanicals that help you feel full and calm. (That means you’ve got a better chance of avoiding a carb binge fueled by stress or hunger pangs.)

Just take 2 Safety Net capsules BEFORE you eat, then let it get to work:

    • blocking your absorption of carbohydrates
    • easing your digestion of soy and dairy
    • making sure you feel full and satisfied
    • naturally calming your mood

Save it for special occasions…

Remember, Safety Net is there to catch you – but it’s not a free pass to eat anything you want! Even the most effective carb blocker won’t keep you from gaining weight and feeling awful if you regularly overeat or choose inflammatory foods.

That’s why, right now, every purchase of Safety Net also comes with 3 free bonus gifts to help you get on track and stay that way:

  1. Most Wanted Guide: Recipes That Will Keep You Out of Trouble with delicious, nutritious replacement recipes for all the foods you crave, from cookies and ice cream to burgers and fries
  2. Burst Training Cheat Sheet to help you fit a 10-minute, fat-burning workout into even the most hectic holiday schedule
  3. Video Tours of My Fridge & Pantry so you can stock your own kitchen with healthy, yummy foods that set you up for success

One final tip: don’t forget to keep it within easy reach. That bottle of Safety Net on your kitchen counter won’t help when you’re at the restaurant for brunch! I keep a bottle at home, a bottle at work, and a back-up in my bag so I never get caught without it. (Good news? You can save up to 15% when you stock up.)

If you need occasional help with meals that contain carbs, dairy, soy, or gluten, Safety Net Plus is here for you.

*Safety Net is not intended for those with severe gluten allergies or celiac disease, nor any other severe food allergies.  Safety Net is not a substitute for medical supervision by your qualified healthcare practitioner.