Top 10 Travel Tips: How to Have a Safe, Healthy Trip

I’m on the road at least half the year – from Austin and Montreal to Croatia and Fiji, my calendar is packed and my hotel points add up fast!

So I count myself a pro at this point when it comes to traveling without sacrificing my comfort or health.

And since one of the questions I get asked most often is how I manage to avoid temptation and stay on track with my busy travel schedule, I thought I’d share my top secrets to the very best trips. (You won’t find these in any guidebook or Internet travel site!)

Check out these helpful tips to be sure you work, play, and rest well, no matter where you are…

  1. Ask for a quiet hotel room. My choice is always the top floor, in a back corner away from the elevator. You’ll get in a few extra steps, plus risk fewer noisy neighbors and hallways.
  2. Bring earplugs and a sleep mask. You never know when your seatmate on the overnight flight will be a snorer, or your hotel AC unit will hum. And while you can’t stop your host’s dog from barking, you can be sure you don’t hear it…
  3. Try a white noise app. Download an app like White Noise Generator or Sleep Aid Fan on your phone before you leave home. That way you’re covered if traffic or construction noise makes it past your earplugs.
  4. Plan for shifting your sleep. Be sure to set aside time to adjust to a new time zone. If your schedule allows, try gradually moving your sleep schedule the week before you leave to avoid jet lag. Either way, make room to take a nap if needed, and, of course, don’t forget the Sleep Candy!
  5. Bring a few clothespins to keep the drapes closed. Hotel drapes never quite seem to meet at the middle…
  6. Choose a hotel with a good gym. If that doesn’t work, then look for a hotel that has a gym within walking distance. If you’re staying with friends or family and it’s not an option, then use the equipment-free workouts in my Fast Fitness Online Program and get in some burst training at a local park.
  7. Request a mini-fridge for your hotel room. That way you can keep ingredients on hand for protein shakes. (Check out the end of this blog for 48 free shake recipes to keep it easy.) You’ll also be able to save part of those huge restaurant portions for later meals so you don’t overeat. This is the best way to avoid weight gain during long trips!
  8. Find a nearby grocery store or use Instacart to stock up. Before I even arrive, I arrange to have these staples delivered to my destination: unsweetened coconut milk, avocados, organic frozen berries, organic frozen spinach, bottled water, and sparkling water. 
  9. Check out area restaurant menus online. Don’t wait until you hear, “So where do you want to eat?” from your family or colleagues. That’s a good way to get stuck at the neighborhood pizza place! Look up area restaurant menus online to find several with healthy options.
  10. Stay hydrated. Your best bet to avoid foreign germs and prevent the skin breakouts and tummy upset so common to travelers is to keep drinking filtered or spring water from your own personal water bottle.

And of course, I never leave home without my shakes and bars! When flying, the single-serve pouches from Paleo-Inspired Shake Travel Packs are the best way to avoid TSA issues with your carry-on. Otherwise, you’ll need to repackage your protein shake in a container that’s 12 ounces or less, or put your shake in a checked bag.

There you have it! When you follow these handy tips, you’ll be sure to have an amazing trip without sabotaging your weight loss plans or your health. Bon voyage!

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