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No More Excuses: Get a Fat-Blasting Workout in Minutes a Day


“I didn’t get to the gym this morning,” my friend said, exasperatingly flagging our server for a coffee refill. She proceeded to tick off a series of completely valid excuses why she couldn’t go. Her daughter had a fever, she needed to wait on an important client’s phone call, and her Golden retriever chewed up […]

Fat Loss & Feeling Great? Get Good Sleep

Happy waking up

“I stayed up way beyond my curfew last night,” my friend said, yawning as she wearily walked back to the barista for a dark roast refill. You can likely identify with her situation. A late summer party that trickled into the wee hours, too much pinot noir, and indulging in a few three-bite desserts left […]

5 Strategies to Overcome Weight Loss Resistance

JJ fat belly

I have lost 40 pounds on The Virgin diet but would still like to lose another 30. I seem to have reached a plateau, no additional weight loss in months… Why aren’t I seeing results? Someone recently posted this question in a blog comment. I hear it every week. If I had a dollar every time […]

7 Essentials for Fat Loss While You Travel


“Why did my 10-day Maui vacation fly by while that February trek to Nebraska to visit my in-laws feel like an eternity?” a friend asked recently. I know the feeling. Summer goes by way too quickly, and if you don’t book travel early, August will rear its head before you know it. People tell me […]

Where Did Summer Go? Get Fit, Fabulous & Fast Fat Loss with these 5 Strategies

JJ burst up stairs

Ever have that moment when you schedule a conference for August 1, which feels like forever until you look at the calendar and… Whoa, late July is already here. That was me recently, and I must admit it felt rather grim. Where did summer go? And why does it end so quickly while winter seems to stay nearly […]

The Perfect Fat Loss Plate in 4 Easy Steps

Wild King Salmon

Rather than think calories or fat or any other number, I want you to see food as information. What you put into your mouth will either tell your body to store fat or burn it, support steady energy or crash your blood sugar, build your health or tear it down. When you look at food […]

No Wonder Parents Become So Confused About Raising Healthy Kids

Mother serving daughter soup in kitchen

Talk about bad timing. In “The Case For Letting Your Child Eat Junk Food Once In A While,” Charlotte Markey, a health psychology professor at Rutgers University and author of Smart People Don’t Diet, recently explained to The Huffington Post that overly restricting junk food can have adverse affects down the road. “They actually end […]

Myth-Busting, Mini-Meals & Vibrant Skin: My Week in Blogs

I’ve never set out to become the Controversy Queen, though a few of my past blogs have certainly ruffled a few feathers. Not everyone concurred with my thoughts about eggs, and marathon runners as well as other endurance-exercise fans took issue with my argument that burst training was far superior. (Maybe it was the title […]

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