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The Sugar Impact Plate…


Here's my gift to you so you can more easily reduce hunger between meals, create steady sustained energy and help you burn fat for fuel. :-) I want to make sure you’re getting all the nutrition you need and engaging your fat-burning machinery … [Read More...]

5 Sneaky Sugar Health Impostors (You’re Not Gonna Believe #3!)…

More of us make healthy food choices these days, skipping out on high-sugar impact, trans fat, soy and other food intolerances, and processed foods loaded with junk ingredients. We’ve also become smart enough to know fat-free cookies taste like … [Read More...]

My Top 7 Fat Loss Rock Stars (#5 Might Shock You!)…


“Name seven must-have foods and drinks that belong in every health-minded person’s repertoire to stay lean and energetic,” a national magazine recently asked me. I love and hate these questions. Passionate as I become researching and writing about … [Read More...]

My #1 Fast, Lasting Fat Loss Needle Mover (Hint: It’s Not Diet or Exercise)…

"If you could summarize your entire plan into just one thing..." someone occasionally asks me. I'm sure they expect me to suggest going low-sugar impact, addressing food intolerances, or cutting out crappy foods. Here's my answer, which combines … [Read More...]

A Low-Sugar Impact Candy Bar that Will Rival Your Favorite…


"3 Musketeers®, because I was fat-phobic!" one person said. "Anything in the Hershey's® family," said another. When it became my turn, I didn't need to think. "Without a doubt, Mounds®," I replied. A group of us gathered over wine and cocktails at … [Read More...]

Happy 4th of July! I have a cool gift for you!…

4th of july guide image

While millions are taking it easy & celebrating with fattening foods, this is actually one of the best days for YOU to lose weight. (Think of it as your mid year New Year's Day :-) ) Whether you want to spice things up with Spice-Rubbed Beef … [Read More...]

5 Easy Ways to Get More Greens…

Put 10 nutritionists in a room and we'll agree about very little. But you know the one thing I can practically guarantee we'll unanimously consent to? Everyone needs to eat more vegetables. When I say vegetables, I'm talking about non-starchy, … [Read More...]

My Secret Weapon for a Great Night’s Sleep…


  I had done everything correctly. I powered down my Macbook by 9 p.m., took a hot bath with some chamomile tea and a well-worn copy of Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov -- OK, just kidding; a trashy novel -- and drifted into a … [Read More...]

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