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Fast, Lasting Spring Fat Loss Starts with these 5 Strategies…


"The calendar says spring, but it's 30 degrees and snowing right now," a Chicago friend recently said over the phone, obviously disgruntled late March didn't deliver the warm climate she adamantly craved. Even if the current weather offers no … [Read More...]

My #1 Fast, Lasting Fat Loss Needle Mover…


No contest: A protein shake is your not-so-secret weapon for fast, lasting fat loss. Breakfast becomes the ideal time for a protein shake, but even if you’re on the go or stranded at your office, you can conveniently whip one up to balance your blood … [Read More...]

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes!…


To celebrate, I have a little gift for you so you can stay super healthy this St. Patrick's Day... Not only are all 5 recipes better than beer, they also all have a green color scheme. So, just say NO to green beer this year and say YES to … [Read More...]

Back to Basics: 10 Strategies that Create a Solid Fat Loss Foundation…


I’m sure I appeared impressed. My friend had mastered The Virgin Diet principles, successfully eliminating and re-challenging my seven top food intolerances. She had beautifully transitioned into my Sugar Impact Diet. As she began Cycle 2, she had … [Read More...]

10 Strategies to Make the Sugar Impact Diet Work Anywhere…


I designed my Sugar Impact Diet to work in any situation, whether you're stranded in an airport or visiting your in-laws. At the same time, I know how challenging finding a low-sugar impact meal can become when you're traveling. To complicate … [Read More...]

Designing the Perfect Chipotle Meal…


I've long been a fan of Chipotle, the fabulous fast-food-gone-upscale chain that conveniently allows you to customize your meal. Chipotle is inexpensive, flavorful, fast, and - dare I say - when you order the right thing, healthy. At least I think … [Read More...]

Salmon On Fire!…

JJ and Mark Hyman- salmon on fire!

In this video JJ and her pal, six-time #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman, are in the kitchen cooking a yummy Alaskan Wild Salmon recipe. You'll learn a mouthwatering recipe for making wild salmon you and your family will love! … [Read More...]

My Top 20 Questions…


You asked, I answered. My fabulous social media team took a poll to narrow down my top 20 questions, which I've answered below. Did I miss your question? Please submit it below or on my Facebook fan page, and I'll create a future FAQ blog. I love … [Read More...]

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