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Finding the Perfect Coach for Fast, Lasting Fat Loss…

Female Runner Drinking Water

"How did you get where you are today?" someone recently asked me. Hard work, laser-sharp focus, and intentioning certainly played an enormous roles, but I owe tremendous gratitude to the coaches who've helped me launch and evolve my business. I'm … [Read More...]

My New Blog…

Different Sugars-2

You've got nutrition, fitness, and health questions. Take a minute and brainstorm a few. Now, visit I'm pretty sure you'll find your answer there, written authoritatively yet in helpful, easy-to-understand language. I'm thrilled to … [Read More...]

Simple Sugar Swaps!…

Some of my favorite simple swaps to help you Get the sugar out and drop belly fat effortlessly! And I’m betting you’ll like some of them even better! … [Read More...]

5 Easy Lateral Shifts for Fast, Lasting Fat Loss…

As you’re tempted to reach for another bourbon lemon tart your best friend (who just happens to be a pastry chef) made, you suddenly remember you have that new two-piece sitting in the closet for your upcoming Maui vacation, and a pang of regret … [Read More...]

All Your Sugar Impact FAQs in One Place (Plus Upcoming Cookbook FAQs!)…


My upcoming Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook doesn't officially come out until May 26, yet it has already created quite a buzz among critics who received an advanced copy. I can't wait to share the 150 delicious, low-sugar impact recipes I've created for … [Read More...]

7 Strategies to Optimize Endurance Training (if You Must)…


I often hear from folks who do distance running, are training for a marathon, or otherwise participate in endurance training. They want to know about things like carb loading and how they can modify the Sugar Impact Diet to fit their needs. Let's … [Read More...]

Fast, Lasting Spring Fat Loss Starts with these 5 Strategies…


"The calendar says spring, but it's 30 degrees and snowing right now," a Chicago friend recently said over the phone, obviously disgruntled late March didn't deliver the warm climate she adamantly craved. Even if the current weather offers no … [Read More...]

My #1 Fast, Lasting Fat Loss Needle Mover…


No contest: A protein shake is your not-so-secret weapon for fast, lasting fat loss. Breakfast becomes the ideal time for a protein shake, but even if you’re on the go or stranded at your office, you can conveniently whip one up to balance your blood … [Read More...]

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