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7 Savvy Strategies to Curb Halloween Candy Consumption

Fat Rat

“Really?” I asked sarcastically, pointing to the plastic pumpkin loaded with miniature candy bars and other high-fructose corn syrup concoctions that often pass as food. I looked around and noticed several bowls strategically placed around the waiting room. Yes, even my doctor has become involved in the all-candy-all-the-time frenzy that begins in early September. “Kids love […]

I’m Declaring a Sugar War this Halloween

JJ obesity crisis

I’m not sure if yours gets this crowded, but Target near where I live becomes a zoo on Sunday afternoon. Mayhem everywhere: Kids screaming, frantic adults racing around as if the whole store was on sale (remember that show Supermarket Sweep? Sort of like that), and right smack in the middle of the store, Halloween candy. Aisle […]

The Number One Thing I Do Every Morning to Manage Stress

JJ notebook

Stress is epidemic in today’s society. You’re always on the run, work is crazy, you’re shuttling kids everywhere, and the last person to get taken care of is you. Meals are whatever is convenient and fast. Sound familiar? In the short-term, stress serves you well. Adrenal hormones like cortisol and adrenaline kick in and put […]

5 Lateral Shifts to Upgrade Your Child’s Lunchbox

JJ almond butter

“Back-to-school sales start earlier and earlier every year,” my friend said last month, thumbing through a Target ad on her iPhone. She sounded discouraged, but I happily reminisced about summer’s end. Even as a kid, I enjoyed September’s return. Labor Day sent a solemn salute to summer, and shorter days meant getting back to routine and […]

My Secret Weapon for Optimal Digestion & Fat Loss


A very health-conscious friend recently traveled to Italy. “How could you visit Rome and not eat pasta?” she asked. Well, it turns out she ate plenty of pasta on her trip, but – here’s the kicker – she didn’t gain weight. I wanted to know her secret. “I bet you did a lot of walking,” I said. […]

No More Excuses: Get a Fat-Blasting Workout in Minutes a Day


“I didn’t get to the gym this morning,” my friend said, exasperatingly flagging our server for a coffee refill. She proceeded to tick off a series of completely valid excuses why she couldn’t go. Her daughter had a fever, she needed to wait on an important client’s phone call, and her Golden retriever chewed up […]

Fat Loss & Feeling Great? Get Good Sleep

Happy waking up

“I stayed up way beyond my curfew last night,” my friend said, yawning as she wearily walked back to the barista for a dark roast refill. You can likely identify with her situation. A late summer party that trickled into the wee hours, too much pinot noir, and indulging in a few three-bite desserts left […]

5 Strategies to Overcome Weight Loss Resistance

JJ fat belly

I have lost 40 pounds on The Virgin diet but would still like to lose another 30. I seem to have reached a plateau, no additional weight loss in months… Why aren’t I seeing results? Someone recently posted this question in a blog comment. I hear it every week. If I had a dollar every time […]

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