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There are lots of ways to power up your wellness with me. I have developed a suite of science-based programs to address the most common health challenges that I encounter in my practice daily—stubborn weight loss, poor energy, fatigue, bloating and belly trouble, and more. Whether it’s a group program or a personalized protocol, I have a solution for YOU.


Comprehensive Nutrition & Fitness Programs

Lisa-Sasevich“You can imagine my surprise when I learned that a food I loved, and that I thought was keeping me skinny, was making me bloated, tired and irritable! Who knew? I love feeling wonderful, energetic and focused! Thank you JJ! You transformed my life forever!”

Lisa Sasevich
The Invisible Close

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Fitness Products


4×4 Workout DVDs

4x4-340x340Get a full body workout in only 15 minutes at home. Do this just 3 times a week and marvel at your FAST results!

My 4×4 Workout© approach works miracles because it incorporates the principals of burst training (high intensity interval training) AND resistance training, the two absolute BEST ways to develop lean muscle, burn more fat, and boost your metabolism, all day long.

I call it “4×4” because each workout combines 4 bursts for each of 4 body parts (upper body pulling, upper body pushing, hips & thighs, and power core) done in a circuit.  Ready to give it a try?  You can sample one free online at

What do you get with each 4×4 Workout DVD?

* An introductory video where I walk you through exactly what you need to get started. (You don’t need much – just a few inexpensive items that you get at your local sporting goods store or online.) I’ll show you proper form and technique for each type of exercise, so you can have confidence you’re doing it right.

* Four 4×4 Workouts in each volume so you can keep your routine varied and interesting.

Buy JJ’s 4×4 Workout DVD Volumes 1 & 2 Now ($29.95) >>

Sorry, we cannot ship internationally (includes Canada and Mexico).

Refund Policy: No refunds on this product. We will gladly replace any DVD that is defective or damaged.

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The X-iser

Trash Your Treadmill… Sprint On The X-iser! The days of 30 to 60 minute workouts on oversized machines are over. The sprint training revolution is here. The science behind sprinting combined with the technology of The X-iser gives you a full cardio workout in just a few minutes a day. No… it is not just another stepper! The X-iser is specifically designed to allow any age and fitness level a way to sprint train. No other stepping device can provide the same level of benefit.

To order your X-iser directly from the manufacturer, please CLICK HERE

JJ Virgin has an affiliate relationship with X-iser and may receive compensation for purchases made through this link.


artisan-bistro-mealArtisan Bistro Meals are Virgin Diet Friendly

“These are phenomenal! I received my first order on Friday and ate the Chicken Creole last night. They absolutely DO NOT taste like frozen meals! There was so much chicken and very large pieces, I was very impressed. These are great to have in a pinch when you just don’t feel like cooking and could easily grab a no-no food! JJ I really appreciated the No Nut filter on the website. I have IgE reactions to all nuts, not just peanuts, and felt really comfortable ordering these meals online.” – Jennifer Stewart

To learn more about Artisan Bistro meals, CLICK HERE


Vital Choice Products

Your freezer needs this! Includes Wild Alaskan Salmon, Organic Seafood Marinade Mix, Wild Alaskan Halibut, and Wild Alaskan Cod.

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