5 Things to Know About Our All-in-One Shakes

by JJ Virgin on December 14, 2021

A loaded smoothie is the perfect way to break your fast and start your day. We have a variety of loaded smoothies. (Grab over 50 in this free guide.)

All of these recipes have one thing in common: They’re chock-full of protein, healthy fats, fiber, and nutrients… so you stay energized, focused, and burning fat. Loaded smoothies are also a great way to keep your blood sugar stable and crush those cravings.

The foundation of any smoothie is protein powder… and really, a smoothie is only as good as its protein source.

Protein is so important, for so many reasons. Among them, protein:

  • Keeps fluids and acids in balance
  • Transports oxygen to your cells
  • Acts as antibodies, enzymes, and hormones
  • “Feeds” vitamins and minerals to your cells

Studies show that higher-protein diets can support athletes as well as those who want to lose weight. Higher-protein diets can spare lean body mass (muscle), so you lose fat and not just weight. Protein can also support weight management, blood sugar balance, and bone health.

Want strong immune health, to reduce inflammation, and to be the best fat burner? Sufficient protein does all that and more… and a protein powder is the easiest, most effective way to build more protein into your diet.*

What to Look for In a Protein Powder

To get all of those benefits, you want the very best quality protein, period. My two favorites are defatted beef or plant-based powder made from rice, pea, chia, chlorella, or cranberry protein, or a blend of these.

Look for one that’s GMO-free (contains no genetically modified ingredients) and hormone-free if it’s beef-based.

Avoid soy, egg, or milk (whey) powders (which are also high in sugar), and artificial colors and sweeteners like fructose, high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame, or sucralose.

From my experience, most commercial protein powders don’t make the grade. Some had sneaky ingredients, such as whey, soy, and artificial sweeteners. Others weren’t manufactured in a plant that maintains the stellar regulations that we demand.

That’s why we created our own shakes: so that you can be absolutely certain that there are no “no” ingredients and that you’re getting the very best ingredients to support your health.*

Our Shakes are #1 Because they Deliver Real Results*

We sell more shakes than any other product, and for good reason. Smoothies are quick, convenient, fully customizable, and they taste delicious.

Over the years, I’ve heard such amazing and even life-changing stories about using our All-in-One shakes. I’ve even heard from people who did nothing else than break their fast with a filling, yummy smoothie and lost weight.

Our Labels Have Changed Slightly… But Not Our Quality

With the redesign of our branding, I learned the label of our Paleo-Inspired All-in-One Shakes had changed.

The back story is that during the last few years, the FDA changed the definition of dietary fiber in supplements. As a result, we had to modify our shake labels.

Rest assured, we haven’t changed anything in the shakes. Only the definition of fiber changed, which dropped the amount of fiber our labels could claim. Ultimately, as you’ll see, that doesn’t matter very much.

The label shift led me to evaluate five of the many ways our shakes are the Rolls Royce® of protein products.

Whether you’ve been a loyal All-in-One Shake buyer for years or you’re on the fence about buying our products, here are five things you need to know. 

1. Superior Protein is the Foundation 

We call them “protein shakes” for a reason: Protein provides the nutrient foundation in these powders.

If you’re not getting a well-absorbed protein source, you’re not going to get all of protein’s benefits. Ditto if your powder doesn’t contain the correct amount of protein.
Both of our shakes meet quality and quantity criteria.

Our Paleo-Inspired shakes contain protein that’s hydrolyzed to optimize absorption.* We’ve sourced our protein from animals raised without added hormones, antibiotics, or GMO grains, grasses, and ensilage.

Why beef protein in these shakes? Because it contains a significant amount of collagen-specific amino acids, along with various minerals and vitamins such as vitamins A and D, as well as natural forms of the B vitamins.*

Beef protein has a nitrogen score of 101.5… meaning that your body can utilize it very, very well. This is the very same protein quality that you get from bone broth… but without the hassle of cooking and preparing bone broth.

Our plant-based shakes have that same superior protein. Many plant-based protein powders only use one source, such as pea protein or (far worse) soy protein, which may be low in critical amino acids. Others have a gritty or unpleasant taste.

We remedied all of those issues by combining a blend of low-allergen proteins from pea, chia, and chlorella. This ensures that you’re getting a superior amino acid profile and great taste in every serving.*

Both pack a serious protein punch. Our Paleo-inspired shakes contain 20 grams of protein per serving, while the Plant-Based ones contain an impressive 22 grams of protein per serving.

2. Fiber, Nutrients + More Make Our Shakes Truly “All in One”

Protein is the superstar in our shakes. All of the “extras” are A-list supporting roles… which altogether, truly give our shakes that “extra.”

Consider our Plant-Based shakes, which combine a complete protein with meaningful amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy fats,  nine fruits and veggies, and gut- and immune-supporting probiotics.*

Likewise, we’ve packed our Paleo-Inspired shakes with fiber, vitamins, minerals, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), organic juice powders, and more.

3. Equally Important is what We Didn’t Add

Our shakes focus on more of the good stuff… and absolutely none of the ingredients that can create food intolerances and hijack our health.

Our shakes are entirely free of dairy, soy, gluten, eggs, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).

Even the tiniest bit of soy or other highly reactive ingredients can derail your hard work, and I’m not going to let that happen. My manufacturers uphold that same integrity and scrupulous attention to producing our shakes (as they do with all of our supplements.)

We’re also able to keep sugar down in our shakes to one gram or less, because we use natural sweeteners such as inulin and allulose that provide their own health benefit.* 

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4. Adding In Your Own Ingredients Make this A True Smoothie

Customization is one of my favorite things about a smoothie. We’ve already packed a ton of nutrients into our shakes… and we encourage you to add even more.

Whether you’re breaking a fast or creating post-workout fuel to keep you tided over till your next meal, you can add all sorts of delicious, nutrient-packed ingredients into your smoothies.
That’s where you can “beef up” your shakes to meet your fiber and other nutrient quotas. Consider our Chocolate Raspberry Delight Shake

  • The cup of raspberries alone here packs an impressive 8 grams of fiber along with powerful antioxidants and other nutrients.
  • Cacao nibs pack another 5 grams.
  • One scoop of Extra Fiber gives it an extra 3 grams.

Altogether, then, we’re looking at about 18 grams of fiber in this smoothie… which makes this smoothie a fiber powerhouse and a big win in my book! 

5. We Never, Ever Settle with Our Shakes (or Any Product)

We go out of our way to add good things like nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants to our shakes… but we also go the extra mile with the quality of these ingredients.

After all, if you’re not absorbing and utilizing those nutrients, you’re not really getting the best metabolic bang for your buck.
The essential vitamins and minerals in our shakes come in highly bioavailable and bioactive forms.*

Consider vitamin E, which comes in two “flavors”: tocopherols and tocotrienols. Most conventional supplements and shakes contain alpha-tocopherol, and better ones may use a blend of tocopherols.

However, newer research shows that tocotrienols provide superior benefits, including protecting against cellular damage and supporting your immune health.*

That’s why we’re making the switch in all our shakes to tocotrienols, with Delta Gold® gamma and delta tocotrienols. Yes, using tocotrienols is more expensive and more challenging to source than tocopherols, but we refuse to settle on “just OK” ingredients.

Other standout ingredients in our products include TRAACS® chelated minerals from Albion Advanced Nutrition and folate as Quatrefolic® L-5-MTHF (far superior to folic acid).
Of course, none of that matters if our shakes don’t taste good. We’ll let a few of our many, many fans weigh in here:

This is by far the best protein powder I’ve ever tried! I use it mostly for breakfast, and whether I mix it with spinach, avocadoes, and nuts or spinach, coconut, and berries, the taste is awesome and the texture is smooth and creamy. I’ve never tried the chocolate, but the vanilla flavor is great! – Helen K.

This flavor tastes great!  JJ’s shake are loaded with all the good stuff & none of the bad. I know my shake is a clean, healthy meal. – Julia P.

I love this flavor and so does my 95 year old mother in law.  She has been using Vanilla for many years, so when I bought this and let her try it, she was very happy.  She now has a new favorite!  Thank you JJ. – Candy G.

Whether you choose Paleo-Inspired or Plant-Based, our All-in-One Shakes are the very best products on the market.* We’ll always keep up with the latest science, which may call for some tweaks in the future.

One thing that will never, ever change: the superior quality and taste of our All-in-One Shakes, and our unwavering commitment to providing you with the very best products.

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