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Back-to-School Breakfast Menu and Guide

by JJ Virgin on September 18, 2016

With the Back-to-School Breakfast Menu complete, now you’ve got plenty of scrumptious, nourishing choices to help start your day right. You’ll be amazed by how much peace it brings to your mornings to know what everyone’s going to eat, and that it will be healthy and delicious.

Don’t miss the other quick tips below for a smoother morning routine, packing the best lunchboxes ever, and a fun printable Lunchtime Survey you can send to school with your kids to check in on how their day goes. It’s A+ all around!

Back-to-School Breakfast Menu

Tips & Activities to Make Mornings Easier

  • If you feel like you’ve run a marathon by 9 AM, try these quick tips:
    • Pick a hotspot. Designate a basket or bin as the spot to put homework or papers that need signatures, permission slips, and lunch money. That way, no one ever has to search for the important stuff in the rush out the door.
    • Do it the night before. That goes for loading backpacks, signing forms, and assembling lunches. If getting dressed is a sticking point, have your kids pick out their outfits at bedtime, right down to the shoes. (No more last-minute hunts for matching socks!)
    • Plan breakfast. This one’s a lot easier with the recipes above and tips in this blog post. Get kids involved in menu choices and recipe prep because ownership = good attitudes.
  • Want to build a better lunchbox? We’ve got you covered with tips and recipes to level up your children’s lunches, so they stay full and focused until school’s out. Head on over to this blog post for more details: Top 5 Healthy Lunchbox Hacks

  • It can be a challenge to stay in touch with your kids once they’re at school every day. Try putting this fun printable Lunchtime Survey and a pencil in their lunchbox. It’s a quick, easy way to check in on their day, even when you’re not there. (Plus the answers can start a positive conversation about eating healthy and help you pack a lunch they’ll actually eat…)

Best wishes for a fantastic school year! If you try the recipes or tips, don’t forget to comment below and share your pics on our Facebook page.

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