BBQ Party

Your Backyard BBQ Menu & Guide

by JJ Virgin on July 27, 2016

No summer is complete without grilling out! But getting together with friends and family doesn’t have to mean eating unhealthy foods that sabotage your energy levels and swimsuit plans.

Backyard BBQ Menu

Tips & Activities for Backyard BBQ Fun

  • JJVirgin-BlogImageSQUARE-waterballoons.001Water Balloon Pinatas are a great way for kids of all ages to stay cool and have some fun. Just fill up regular-size balloons with cold water, then hang at varied heights. Let guests take turns thwacking away as the temps start to climb!
  • Try a DIY Watermelon Keg for some grown-up refreshment. Slice a thin piece of rind off one end of your watermelon so it will sit upright. Then cut off the top and scoop out the fruit inside, jack-o-lantern style. Drill a hole a few inches up from the base of your watermelon, and insert a spigot. Last, blend your scooped watermelon with tequila and a generous squeeze of lime juice, then return it to the hollowed-out fruit. Let the summertime fun begin!*
  • Need an All-Natural Bug Repellant? Try putting a bundle of fresh sage, rosemary, or lavender on your grill after the food has finished cooking. The residual heat helps release herbal oils that will make your insect guests feel much less welcome.

Here’s to a fantastic backyard BBQ bash! If you try the recipes, don’t forget to like us on Facebook page and share your pics.

* Watermelon is medium-sugar impact, so skip this one if you’re in Cycles 1 or 2 of the Sugar Impact Diet.