Content Top 10: My Best Recipes, Blogs & Podcasts

by JJ Virgin on October 6, 2017

This is it! The best of the best for your cooking, reading, and listening pleasure. Enjoy…

Top 3 Recipes

I’ve written 2 New York Times best-selling cookbooks, and I love a delicious plate of food! Here’s a few of my favorite original recipes:

Vanilla Almond Paleo Protein Pancakes – fluffy, gluten-free pancakes full of irresistible vanilla and almond flavor

Superfoods Protein Shake – I drink a smoothie for breakfast every day, and this chocolatey combo of superfoods is one of my faves

JJ’s Lazy Lasagna – this scrumptious, convenient lasagna eliminates the gluten and dairy, plus all the most time-consuming prep


Top 4 Blogs

When you want to look and feel your best, it’s crucial to have practical, up-to-date health advice. Check out these helpful blogs:

Top 15 Places Soy Hides – learn the truth about this scam of a health food and where it hides in your pantry and on your plate

How to Ripen an Avocado in Ten Minutes – one of the quickest and most helpful food hacks you’ll find

Yes, Coconut Oil Is Still Healthy: 3 Powerful Reasons Why – I love to bust a health myth, and this one’s a doozy…

Myth Busting: Why Hours on the Treadmill Are a Waste – watch this quick video to find out why you should stop slogging away on the treadmill


Top 3 Podcasts

The JJ Virgin Lifestyle Show has over 3 million downloads and counting! Listen to these popular episodes:

Ketogenic Diets & Clearing Up Carb Confusion with JJ Virgin – here’s how to tell whether keto is right for you and how many carbs you really need

Turn Around Your Thyroid Condition with Dr. Izabella Wentz – learn how to heal your thyroid naturally, from Hashimoto’s to hypothyroid

How to Help Your Partner Get Healthy with JJ Virgin – help your partner get fit and lose weight without any nagging or stress (featuring my wonderful husband, Tim!)

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