Healthy Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

by JJ Virgin on November 29, 2022

When it comes to holiday gift giving, I’ve found that people can fall into several traps. One is to give gifts that are impersonal and end up as clutter. (I’m looking at you, cutesy coffee mugs and “fun” socks.)

Another route is to give sugary, empty-nutrient cakes, candy, and beverages that provide a few moments of bliss but push you off track from your big-picture goals.

Vibrant health is the best gift of all. When you give your colleagues, family, and friends presents that are healthy and delicious, you inspire them to sustain that wellness-focused momentum throughout the year.

Banish any idea that healthy gifts should be boring or uninspired! Below, you’ll find my favorite options for coffee, tea, wine, seafood, and more. You’ll also get ideas for top-notch homemade food gifts sure to please your recipient’s tastebuds and your wallet.

Whether you’re brainstorming for that in-law-who-has-everything or your receptionist who went that extra mile this year, you can feel confident these ideas won’t be returned or regifted!  

Note: I partner with some of these companies and may receive a small profit when you purchase. Rest assured that I stand by these products 100% and proudly use them myself.  

Easy Holiday Gift Ideas 

Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit  

Morning doesn’t really get moving in my house until we’ve had coffee. I’ve even joked that coffee should be its own food group! I make a cup of half-regular/half-decaf to get going and fit in my morning workout. (Learn three reasons to work out fasted here.)  

Unfortunately, most conventional coffee contains mycotoxins (toxins produced by mold in food) that can steal your thunder.  

Not with Bulletproof™ Coffee! They provide mycotoxin-free whole and ground coffee beans, along with other stellar caffeinated and non-caffeinated essentials like Brain Octane Oil and cold brew.  

Whether you have a newbie who’s curious about making traditional Bulletproof™ Coffee (you know, the one with butter and MCT oil) or a keto devotee curious to mix up her routine, this Bulletproof Coffee Kit contains top-quality Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil, grass-fed ghee (a great dairy-free butter alternative), and Bulletproof™ Original Whole Bean Coffee. With this bundle, they’ve got everything they need here to make a delicious cup of joe to stay full, fat-burning, and energized for hours.  

Learn more about Bulletproof Coffee and order here. 

Pique® Essential Immune Support Tea 

Everyone needs a little immune support this time of year! Pique®’s Essential Immune Support tea bundle contains five fabulous immune-supporting teas: Breakfast Black, Miss Grey Black, Jasmine Green, Japanese Sencha Green, and Hibiscus Beauty Elixir (because we all want to feel well and fabulous, right?).   

This top-of-the-line brand uses a patented cold-brewing and crystallization process to produce tea with up to 12 times the antioxidants of leading teas.  

Plus, with Pique®’s care and attention to quality, I know I’m not getting the heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants in traditional tea bags. They also have options for a variety of other needs, including radiant skin, fasting support, and energy.  

Learn more and order Pique® Tea here 

ButcherBox® Favorites Box

You are what you eat, ate. When you eat meat from conventionally raised animals, you’re also ingesting the hormones and antibiotics they were fed. Those animals most likely were fed grain and other foods that aren’t their natural diet. 

While grocery stores are offering better options these days, high-quality meat isn’t always easy to find, depending where you live. That’s why I rely on Butcherbox® for meat delivery. 

The Favorites Box is a great way to introduce ButcherBox® to your favorite meat lover (and there are plenty of other gift options, too). It offers a pretty awesome selection of 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, and humanely raised pork. Altogether, they’re getting about 10 pounds of the highest-quality, mouthwatering meat that’s heads and tails better than anything you’ll find in any grocery store or meat market.  

Sign up with the link below and get a free gift with your purchase. (Your choice whether you want to share it or keep it for yourself… I won’t tell!) 

Learn more and order from ButcherBox® here 

Vital Choice® Explore Wild Sampler 

Got a seafood lover in your life?  

The Explore Wild Sampler from Vital Choice® is a seafood feast your giftee will savor for many meals. Imagine their surprise when they open this beautifully presented box to find two portions each of omega-3 rich wild king salmon, Alaskan halibut, ahi tuna, albacore tuna medallions, and sockeye salmon burgers, hot-smoked wild sockeye salmon, and cold-smoked sockeye Nova lox… along with a special “Happy Holidays” card. The anti-inflammatory gift that keeps on giving! 

Learn more about omega-3 fatty acids and why they’re so important in this blog. 

They also offer an amazing selection of organic fruits, soups and broths, seasonings, and more to give your meals the flavor and quality they deserve. I’ve ordered from them for many years, and every product meets my high-quality standards. 

Learn more and order from Vital Choice® here. 

Dry Farm Wines Subscription 

If your recipient imbibes, a great bottle of wine is always an appreciated gift—a few bottles is even better!  

Dry Farm Wines has the delicious aromas and flavors you want without the extra sugar, mycotoxins, or additives. The 3-month gift subscription is a great way to introduce your giftee to natural wine, with three bottles sent per month. You can select from red, white, rosé, sparkling, or mixed varietals with zero sugar, no additives, low sulfites, and lower alcohol content compared with traditional wine brands. 

If you’re feeling especially generous, they also have memberships where you can send six or 12 bottles a month.

Giftee not a wine drinker? You can also order a bundle of freshly cold-pressed Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, with three premium, nutrient-packed olive oils sourced directly from small family farms. 

Learn more and order from Dry Farms Wines here. 

Thrive Market Gift Boxes 

Want to curate your own gift basket full of high-quality goods? Thrive Market has lots of great options for you to put together. They do offer ready-made gift boxes for you to choose from, but why not make it personal and round up different items more tailored to what your loved one will truly enjoy? 

I love a nice, splurge-worthy bottle of extra-virgin olive oil, such as this Fody Foods Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Feeling something a bit sweeter? Lily's® Chocolate has all the decadence of the chocolate bars you remember as a kid, but sweetened with stevia and erythritol. This Choose Your Own Chocolate Bars set lets you select six bars, including salted caramel and salted almond, to satisfy your recipient's sweet tooth without the guilt.

Still stumped on what to get them? You could also spring for a membership so they can choose exactly which high-quality foods, ingredients, and beverages are delivered right to their door.  

Learn more about Thrive Market and order here. 

Homemade Food Gift Ideas 

To paraphrase my pal, Mark Hyman, MD, making nutritious food from scratch is an act of love. Homemade food gifts help you save money and show the other person that you’ve invested time and effort in their health.  

Purchase a festive tin and make these 5-Ingredient Paleo Chocolate Almond Butter Cups. They’re so simple and quick to put together, but that can be our little secret! Unlike store brands, these yummy almond butter cups aren’t loaded with added sugars and Hi-FI ingredients like dairy. Instead, we use quality ingredients like unsweetened almond butter and All-In-One protein powder 

Brownies are another delicious option. These Avocado Fudge Brownies combine dark chocolate chips alongside healthy ingredients like flaxseeds and avocado for a fiber and healthy fat combo you won’t find in traditional boxed mixes. Put them in a nice container and you’ll have a beautiful, easy gift that satisfies their sweet tooth and their overall health.  

For a savory option, try these Smoked Paprika and Cayenne Roasted Almonds. Paprika, cumin, and cayenne give them a bold flavor. Slow roasting the almonds adds a quality and depth of flavor you won’t find in store-bought varieties. Place them in a Mason jar tied with a ribbon and hand them out to everyone who made your year a little more special.  

Want more delicious, healthy ideas? Check out my recipes page 

Don’t Forget YOU 

While you’re busy shopping for everyone else on your list, don’t forget to gift yourself a little something special… because you deserve it, too! Happy, healthy holidays from everyone at Team JJ. 

Navigating temptations around the holidays can be challenging! The good news is that with the right approach, you can indulge and imbibe… without guilt or regret. My Holiday Help Cheat Sheet gives you smart, simple strategies to have fun, partake intelligently, and make the most out of this meaningful season. Grab it for FREE here.

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