Food Hacks: A 10-Second Tip to Keep Your Greens From Wilting

by JJ Virgin on April 17, 2017

It’s important to eat plenty of leafy greens every day, but keeping them fresh and crisp can be a challenge. Nobody likes a salad full of wilted kale or soggy spinach!

You can cut costs at the grocery store by opting for bunches of greens, rather than pre-washed bags. However, thanks to those nonstop sprinklers in the produce department, what you put away in your refrigerator can quickly resemble something from the bottom of pond, rather than a yummy meal ingredient.


So what’s the fix? It’s simple!

  1. Swaddle your greens in a clean cloth towel or a few layers of paper towels. It’s okay if they’re still damp, since the towel will absorb that moisture and use it to keep your head of lettuce hydrated over the next few days.
  1. Next, insert your loosely wrapped greens in a resealable, airtight bag. I’m not a fan of storing food in plastic, so I like this biodegradable version.
  1. Seal tightly, making sure not to remove the air from the bag. If your bag is completely deflated, blow it up like a balloon – your greens will thank you for the carbon dioxide.

That’s it! Ten seconds extra work will keep your Swiss chard bright and crunchy for several more days.

One last reminder: be sure to wash your greens before using. You can plunge them into a bowl of ice water for a minute or two before serving to be sure they’re at their very best.

Looking for yummy ways to eat your greens? Try sweet and savory Turkey, Spinach, and Strawberry Wraps with a side of Kale Chips with Cumin and Sea Salt. Or make a detoxifying Green Cleansing Smoothie for a healthy way to start your day.

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