How the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Can Help Reverse Autoimmune Disease

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne is a medical biophysicist and a NYT bestselling author of 4 books. In today's podcast episode, she talks with JJ about the power of nutrition in reversing autoimmune disease! Listen as Dr. Ballantyne shares her personal struggle with multiple autoimmune conditions and how the Paleo diet, and ultimately the Autoimmune Protocol, helped Dr. Ballantyne lose weight and feel better again. Find out what exactly the Autoimmune Protocol is and how it can help reduce symptoms of autoimmune disease, as well as the lifestyle factors that help your immune system function at its best. Plus, get a free copy of Dr. Ballantyne’s Paleo ABC’s to help you jumpstart healing today!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

Get Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s free Paleo ABC’s by going to JJVirgin.com/paleomom.

Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. The Autoimmune Protocol is a diet and lifestyle intervention that is designed to help people with autoimmune disease regulate their immune system. It floods the body with nutrients, while at the same time eliminating foods with inflammatory compounds that may be contributing to disease activity.

2. The regulatory aspects of the immune system are most active while you're sleeping. That's why lack of sleep by itself is inflammatory.

3. Clinical trials show the benefits of the Autoimmune Protocol. In a recent study involving patients with inflammatory bowel disease, 73% of the participants achieved clinical remission after 6 weeks of a gradual transition to the Autoimmune Protocol.

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:51] Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s career briefing

[3:11] Listener’s review on iTunes

[5:05] What exactly is the Autoimmune Protocol?

[5:32] The science behind autoimmune disease

[7:34] Dr. Ballantyne’s personal experience with autoimmune issues

[10:45] The impact of nutrition on autoimmune disease

[12:33] How the Paleo diet helped Dr. Ballantyne

[13:45] Developing the Autoimmune Protocol

[16:23] Lifestyle factors that help the immune system function better

[16:47] Not getting enough sleep is inflammatory.

[17:49] Dr. Ballantyne’s book, The Paleo Approach, makes the Autoimmune Protocol accessible.

[17:58] Clinical trials showing the benefits of the Autoimmune Protocol

[20:38] Side effects of certain autoimmune medications

[23:11] The AIP is designed as an elimination and challenge diet.

[24:09] Most people are able to reintroduce a wide variety of foods.

[25:55] You can take small steps toward fully implementing the Autoimmune Protocol.

[28:24] Dr. Ballantyne’s Paleo ABC’s includes food lists, cooking tips, and other helpful tools.

[29:02] When you make a small change to something you do every day, the impact over time can be huge. That’s why JJ created the All-In-One Shakes to start your day right!

[29:39] Listener’s question: I just got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Where do I start?

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