Unlocking the Power of Neuroscience to Strengthen Your Mindset & Ignite Your Full Potential

If you're having trouble achieving your health goals despite your best intentions, then you don't want to miss today's podcast episode! JJ talks with leading mindset and behavioral expert John Assaraf about how to tap into your brain's hidden power to create new beliefs and set yourself up for success. Listen as John explains the science of neuroplasticity and the steps he took to heal his own chronic illness. John also shares his revolutionary Innercise technique, including the mental and emotional exercises that can help you change your brain and release the thoughts that are holding you back. Grab John’s Exceptional Life Blueprint and start achieving your full potential today!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Any time you have a new thought or reinforce a thought, your brain is building and reinforcing neural connections. The neurons that have the most dominant reinforcement pattern are the ones that activate automatically, which is why most folks keep achieving the same results over and over again.

2. According to the latest brain research, it takes between 66 days and 365 days to change a neural pattern that has become a habit. That’s why it’s key to be deliberate about training your brain so you can create new subconscious patterns.

3. John’s Exceptional Life Blueprint can help you give your brain the instruction you want it to achieve. John uses it himself every year to set his own goals.

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:43] John Assaraf’s career briefing

[3:12] Listener shout-out

[6:20] How John became an expert in neuroscience

[8:05] The importance of the mind-body connection

[9:46] John’s healing affirmation

[12:01] What is Innercise and how does it work?

[13:00] John’s groundbreaking book, Innercise

[14:32] The science of neuroplasticity

[15:40] The 4 major reasons people don’t achieve their goals

[17:55] Awareness is the first of the three core neuromuscles.

[18:30] Innercise #1: Take 6, Calm the Circuits

[19:42] Innercise #2 focuses on awareness, intention, and action.

[23:49] How long it takes to change a neural pattern that has become a habit

[24:53] The inspiration behind John’s Exceptional Life Blueprint

[31:31] If you want to lose weight even faster, here’s the two-word secret: Extra Fiber!

[32:22] Listener’s question: JJ, how do you stay motivated?

[33:02] It’s not the how, it’s the why.

[34:41] You are who you hang out with.

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