Friday Q&A: How Much Sugar is Okay to Eat in a Day? – #355

Answering Community Questions with JJ Virgin

It’s time for another Q&A! In today’s episode, a viewer asks if making a smoothie with bananas is a good snack for combatting afternoon slumps. JJ suggests tracking habits to determine why a slump is happening in the first place, and offers suggestions on how to eat correctly so you feel full and energized 4-6 hours between meals. Tune in for more.

Episode Play-By-Play

[0:30] What is your opinion on frozen bananas used in shakes to help combat an afternoon slump?

[0:54] Anonymous wondered if she should eat a recommended 3 servings of sugar a day?

[1:00]  JJ offers suggestions for figuring out why you are having an afternoon slump at all.

[2:10] If you’re eating the proper balance of these things, you should feel great for 4 to 6 hours between meals.

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