Your Tailgating Party Menu & Guide

by JJ Virgin on October 22, 2016

Your next tailgating party is guaranteed to be a winner! Whether you’re in the parking lot or the living room, these four yummy recipes have all the flavor and fun required for a great gameday.

Enjoy this delicious menu while you root for your favorite team, and don’t forget to check out the fun tips and ideas below.

Tailgating Party Menu

The kickoff: Grilled Pesto Chicken Wraps
First down: Jicama, Apple, and Pear Slaw
Second down: Vegetarian White Chili
Third down conversion: Cinnamon Roasted Pecans

Tailgating Tips & Games

  • A great tailgating party starts the same way a great football game starts: Make a game plan. Prep your recipes ahead of time and make a checklist to organize your supplies. Planning on making tailgating a weekly tradition? Pro tailgaters laminate their checklist and mark off supplies with a wet-erase marker as they’re loaded up. When you’re back home, wipe it clean and it’s ready for the next week.
  • Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Athletes aren’t the only ones who need to keep drinking to stay energized on gameday. Skip the sports drinks and soda, though. Need ideas for refreshing, healthy ways to stay hydrated? Check out this article.
  • Adults can happily spend hours cooking and chatting, but kids can get bored pretty quickly by talk of the offensive line and coaching changes. To keep tailgating a fun activity for the whole family, put the kids in charge of decorating with the team colors. Hand out nontoxic face paints and sponsor a parking lot scavenger hunt (with prizes of course!) – ideas for a football scavenger hunt are listed below, but feel free to add your own to personalize the fun!

Tailgating Scavenger Hunt Items:

  • the opposing team’s logo
  • someone wearing the quarterback’s jersey
  • a football-shaped cake
  • 6 hamburgers
  • 3 bags of hot dog buns
  • a red cooler
  • someone wearing an apron and chef’s hat
  • someone with their face painted like the team mascot
  • a bottle of sunscreen
  • a round grill

You’ve got your game plan, you’re all suited up, and there’s still plenty of time on the clock. Touchdown!