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Your Virgin Thanksgiving Menu & Guide

by JJ Virgin on November 24, 2016

Gratitude is such an important part of a healthy mindset, and with this amazing Thanksgiving feast and the fun tips that follow, you and yours will have plenty to be thankful for.

This menu is proof that you can have a delicious, satisfying Thanksgiving dinner without gluten, dairy, eggs, and added sugar. Instead of feeling exhausted and slightly sick when you’re done, you’ll find this meal actually gives you the energy to truly appreciate time with your loved ones. (And the leftovers are pretty fantastic too!)

Virgin Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Tips & Activities

  • Get a headstart on prep. You’re already miles ahead by making turkey cutlets instead of roasting a whole bird. Keep your momentum going by chopping your veggies two days ahead and storing them all in labeled reclosable bags in the fridge. Make and assemble your Pumpkin Bread Pudding the day before Thanksgiving, then bake it while everyone’s eating dinner. The heavenly scent is the perfect accompaniment to your meal.
  • Start a Thanksgiving family tree. On a bedsheet, tablecloth, or large piece of paper, draw or paint a tree trunk and branches. Every year, each guest makes a leaf by adding their fingerprint, then writes their name and the year underneath. (Washable ink pads and markers from your local craft store make this part a breeze.) It’s fun to watch little fingers grow and see who joins the dinner from year to year.
  • Arrange for a post-dinner show. Instead of leaving the kids to wander bored while the grown-ups put the finishing touches on dinner, ask an adult or older teen volunteer to help them put on a talent show. Kids can practice singing, dancing, doing magic tricks, even sharing the plot of their favorite book. When the food is all gone, their performance will provide memorable entertainment for everyone to enjoy. (Don’t forget to keep your cell phone handy so you can record the fun!)

This Thanksgiving is the perfect time to tell you how grateful my team and I are for you! We’re thankful and honored every single day that you trust us to be a part of your health journey.

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