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Metabolism-Boosting Arnold Palmer

The classic Arnold Palmer drink is lemonade and tea. This metabolism-boosting version trades the sugar for L-glutamine and green tea to help crush your cravings!


Matcha Moscow Mule

Green tea-infused vodka provides great flavor in this unique twist on the classic Moscow Mule, featuring fresh ginger and much lower sugar impact.


Strawberry Detox Smoothie

No more green drinks that taste terrible and crash your blood sugar! Get your greens and protein in this delicious, cleansing Strawberry Detox Smoothie recipe.



Enjoy a refreshing recipe for lemonade, minus the sugar and with the addition of L-glutamine to help crush cravings and boost your metabolism.

white russian

Bulletproof White Russian

Enjoy a delicious dairy-free White Russian made with Bulletproof coffee and none of the usual problem ingredients or toxins. Healthier and tastier than the original!